9 Sep 2013


New Boss Same as the Old Boss


Hi All

It has indeed started, and all systems are on a hair trigger now to perform the reset and get us all breathing again.

The blackmail sequence of the Syrian conflict seems to be unraveling with many intelligence sources reporting on the true reality of the chemical attack. Seems that a few rockets would have killed more people, but there is nothing like a good old chemical attack to raise the hackles of the world and provide a landscape for war.

Now, who would want another war?

If a war happens, then the global settlements could be delayed, as well as the historic bond redemptions, the EV of the Dinar and Dong, etc.

So who would want a war?

Rest assured that the powers that are in charge now do not want a war. They will intervene as necessary I am told. Humanity must be allowed to evolve and fulfill its destiny, and this is the “prime directive” at the moment.

The september 3-5 start date has come, and it has started. the coming week, I think Wednesday is the target here, will see announcements and release of funds for the redemptions.

Washington is all prepped to get things underway with the other governments, and it should be a pretty good start for all of us waiting in the wings.

One very good question that came in is of interest here.

Zap, is the debt the Federal Reserve owes that has to be repaid in gold about to be called? I've heard that it will immediately bankrupt the Fed and is necessary to trigger Reset. Thanks

It is not necessary to bankrupt the FED to get the reset done. Even if the debt is called, there is ample gold in numerous caches in the USA to support the debt payout. Few know of these caches and the reality of the debt structure. [Interesting comment...the CAFR accounts? What happened to all the talk of the FED being closed down and the UST taking over?]

There is very little I can say at the moment, as the next 3 days will see the unfoldment of all that we have labored for. Thank you all for your hard work and tenacity.

In love and light in our service


“God is; I am; We are”

“Be good, Be legal, Tell truth”

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