1 May 2012

Media Is Mysteriously Mute On Ron Paul's Incredible False Flag Warning As Usrael's War With Iran Looms

"There may be a false flag incident where some ship goes down and be used for the excuse to accelerate the next war. We have to learn to distinguish war propaganda from the truth." - Ron Paul.

Ron Paul Warns of False Flag in Town Hall Speech

"Douglas Cirignano: Why do you think the information in your book is important?

Robert B. Stinnett: It’s important because it reveals the lengths that some people in the American government will go to deceive the American public, and to keep this vital information—in our land of the First Amendment—from the people. And that’s against everything I believe in." - The Independent Institute: "Do Freedom of Information Act Files Prove FDR Had Foreknowledge of Pearl Harbor?" March 11, 2002.

WEBPAGE : http://www.independent.org/issues/article.asp?id=408

"The world is mental in some way that we do not yet understand, but that which we're edging toward understanding. And the world is made of language. I can't say that enough. Whenever we get into these discussions about reality, or effects in space and time, we are operating outside this assumption that the world is made of language." - Terence McKenna, from a talk he gave on September 11, 1993.

11 September 1993 (Terence McKenna)

There is an understandable fear that the state terrorists in Washington and Tel Aviv are going to stage another terrorist event to mobilize public support for another war in the Middle East as well as politically justify the further evisceration of civil liberties in the West.

Previously, no presidential contender in America voiced this popular and well-placed fear in public. But Ron Paul slashed through the silence with a solemn warning: "There may be a false flag incident," Dr. Paul said in a speech in Austin, Texas a few days ago, "where some ship goes down and be used for the excuse to accelerate the next war." He added: "We have to learn to distinguish war propaganda from the truth."

Ron Paul Warns of False Flag Attack

The significance of Dr. Paul's warning is profound. It is now on the public record that the war-makers in America and Israel will try to pull off a false flag event to keep America at war. But their plan won't work. The false flag tool cannot be used by Washington and Tel Aviv to sway the American people and the people of the world to their way of thinking.

Over the years, numerous polls have shown that close to a majority of the global population knows that 9/11 was a false flag operation committed by the CIA and Mossad. Millions of individuals are on the lookout for another one. So the state terrorists in America, England, and Israel have been put on notice.

If there is to be an all-out war in our lifetime then let it be a war between the forces of truth and the forces of tyranny, not between the West and the East, Israel and Islam, America and Iran. If the tyrants of America, Israel, England, and Iran want to fight an all-out war, fine, they can have their war --- but not on their terms.

The all-out war that must be fought in this century must be a psychological and spiritual one, not a violent one. It must be waged on the mental battleground, in the depths of the human psyche, across this vast planet, with the weapons of knowledge, truth, and facts, not bombs, guns, and nuclear missiles.

The era of false flags to brainwash populations and start illegal wars of conquest is finished. The game is over. The totalitarian tyrants of the West and the East better leave the global geopolitical chessboard alone if they know what is good for them. The reality on the mental ground has changed.

The vast majority of mankind wants to bring an end to the insane age of apocalyptic violence and world wars, but we are led by monstrous psychopaths and demonic tyrants who are using tricks and lies to cause mass death and mass destruction. They think that we're all slaves who will mindlessly and faithfully prop up their lies, their crimes, and their power, but they are mistaken and deluded.

The corrupt governments of America, Israel, England, and Iran are rotten and hollow institutions that no longer have any real political authority over their populations. They rule strictly by terror and fear. And they all have the false idea that starting an all-out world war will save them politically, and give them the opportunity to violently repress their populations with even greater forcefulness.

America's cowardly tyrants have stockpiled drones, ammo, and other military hardware, which they plan on using against the American people in a state of emergency. But their artifacts of death and destruction cannot save them from their political fate. It is no longer in their power to define reality, decide what is a conspiracy theory and what is not, and keep the American people in an artificial, fairy tale existence. The force of truth has proven too resilient.

The demons of war in Washington and Tel Aviv will commit political suicide by staging a new false flag event in an American city or the Persian Gulf. This is not 2001 or 1964. No amount of totalitarian propaganda and psychological trauma can be used by the American and Israeli leadership to convince the American people and the world that starting a war with Iran is noble and necessary.

Ron Paul's advice that, "we have to learn to distinguish war propaganda from the truth," is being closely listened to. So if a new and extremely catastrophic false flag event takes place, the truth will not be annihilated in the aftermath. Instead, it will emerge out of the ashes with a greater clarity and gain a wider public acceptance.

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