27 Mar 2013

DRAKE : Jamie Dimon Resigns From JP Morgan; Says ‘Put Bankers in Jail’ (satire)

Jamie Dimon Resigns From JP Morgan; Says ‘Put Bankers in Jail’ (satire)


When the big cheese is bailing, you know things are about to get rough, and when the banksters themselves are saying the banksters should be arrested, you know things have been bad for quite some time. There are people who still don’t understand the depth of the corruption, though, or they would have closed their accounts long ago, as I did.

But—he must be an okay guy because he’s been doing yoga and researching Buddhism!—as if that makes any difference. He’s calling for a criminal investigation? Isn’t that the pot calling the kettle black? This is probably a farce article, or wishful thinking. There’s no record of a “Financial News” publication.

READ MORE AT AMERICAN NATIONAL MILITIA :  http://americannationalmilitia.com/jamie-dimon-resigns-from-jp-morgan-says-put-bankers-in-jail-satire/

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