18 Mar 2013

ELITE MINGERS have got explosive diarrhea laying in hospitals feeling peakish ... can’t steal anymore with impunity

Here are some headlines to keep an eye out for next week:

It’s stacking up to be kick off party. Raise some plum wine glasses up and shove this world into the 21st century. The rvs are on the move thru the world. The currency people are celebrating already. I hear they have already put some folks under house arrest so there will be no interruptions or delays, with the fulfillment of things the world has awaited.

One of the biggest changes that happened out here was they made the vatican bank basel 3 compliant after the big hose out. One of the reason some folks are laying in hospitals right feeling ‘peakish’. The new pope signed off when things were explained to him. When your self worth is totally wrapped up in money, when it’s taken away you might get stomach problems…belly aches. The colin [colon] gets tied in knots. Don’t know if you want to puke or have explosive diarrhea.

But you can be sure that diaper makers are having max profits right now. Jeeze…even jamie dimon of jp morgan/chase is under a microscope right now, lolol. I have to laugh, he was the guy who said basel 3 was unamerican, why because you can’t steal anymore with impunity? He doesn’t even own that bank so, I’m sure the owners have something planned for his ‘vacation’.
Here is the deal!!

Hitlery under house Arrest unconfirmed : Cyprus bank run, The biggest ever will start Mon Am : The vatican bank has been Slapped with baseLIII conformity to prevent Corruption : The Queen Cancels more Dates : US Martial Law in NY Brooklyn

So do not believe a word I am saying, just satisfy your selves.

1) Hillary Clinton ( and the Clinton Family ) is under house arrest for embezzlement of funds from US coffers as Chelsea buys $10.5M NY posh apartment. China appear to be in on the operation, could prove an interesting week.

2) Concerns over build up to Drill on West Coast US for major Earthquake (” drills mean thrills” these days Aka 2012 Mexico and Washington).

3) Cyprus  The biggest Bank runs expected Monday 16th March , is this the straw that broke the camels back? Don’t forget the Russian Oligarch’s are very big in banking in this little enclave of secrets. 

4) Vatican Bank opened again the day after  Pope Rat-slinger resigned, now has been told to conform to baseL III or face ceasure.
This is particularly interesting as baseLIII means no more Bankster corruption , just how will the Vatican manage the mafia now?

5) Martial law in the Brooklyn and all eyes are off it in Mainstram media, as deaths and arrests and over militarized policing continues.

6) The greatest cover up of Royal Pedophilia continues on all national news in UK including the home of Pedophilia the BBC: 
As more Government ministers are named and put in the box, plus Queenie Liz closes more state planned visits, wonder what she is hiding from? Any thing to do with the rise in awareness of her antics, and her Arrest Warrant by the ITCCS  for genocide of indigenous children in Canada.

7) The New Pope states that he is for the poor people and he is of the light and will disclose Aliens to us : ( 30,000 dead Argentinian kids will testify to that) amid new Arrest warrants by ITCCS , This pope is already in denial.

8) World weather weapons HAARP and the earths  Military weapons since 1992 are Earthquakes, Tornados, Hurricanes, Volcanoes and Mind Control by Frequency radiation, see here for 20 minute video.

 And here is once again the Giant sea based HAARP Weather weapon that steers Hurricanes and there are 6 of them around the world:

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