16 Nov 2014

MONEY as (debt instruments) operating a human slavery business and extortion racket


Swimming in a sea of blissful ignorance

The Vatican thinks it owns your soul.
The government is an organized mob operating a human slavery business and an extortion racket.
Why are people so unwilling to learn the truth?
Why is there so much cognitive dissonance?

LaRouchePAC Presents

1932, A True History of the United States

Franklin D. Roosevelt Hitler New World Order Speech 




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  1. FDR was a socialist nightmare and one of the worst presidents of America. Hitler was a combat vet and obviously a skilled statesman. Perhaps his ranks were filled with espionage and saboteurs but his personal agenda was more humanitarian than the Allied country's. To blame one man who lead a country the size of the state of Oregon for all international heresy is absurd. Hitler did not want to enter into WWII.