19 Mar 2012


Big corporations have been using subliminal messages in commercials and in movies for decades. A lot of money was spent on subtle influence research with emphasis on hiding subliminal messages in pictures. And most of them conceal the word sex or sexual imagery in their advertisements!

They know why. Because it works. 


In recent years hundreds of research papers were published on the effects of subliminal messages. And many experiments produced very disturbing results.

One of the arguments is that children don't even understand the word sex and thus don't respond to it.

Well, first off, not only five-years-olds watch these cartoons. And second of all, very young children are mostly accompanied by their parents - the ones that pay to see the movie and the ones that pay for the DVD when it comes out.

Rationally probably no parent alive would take his or her child to watch a cartoon with sexual and sometimes hateful messages and imagery embedded within.

But these messages don't work to persuade our reason and our conscious mind. They work subconsciously... on emotions. They secretly fulfill the deepest needs and activate very primitive parts of the brain. These parts don't think rationally.

These parts just respond positively to such stimuli. And since there's no reaction by the conscious mind, they are accepted.

Subliminal messages give a gentle push. They make us think and feel a certain way. They can, however, also produce long-term effects (as shown by some of the experiments).

Hope you liked this article and that many more things are clear now.

What you can learn from this. While the article is meant to slightly challenge it's readers, it's also meant to educate them and widen their horizon. 

Enjoy discovering even more Disney subliminal messages

Subliminal messages are every where. Subliminal messages were made illegal in 1973 but these laws have not stopped big companies from advertising hidden messages in text, images, verbally or just plain blatantly.

Subliminal messages effect your subconscious mind and can encourage different types of behaviour. Scientists have not suggested subliminal messages as being a dangerous form of advertising but the implications subliminal messages can cause vary on the personal mental state of each individual that are exposed to them.

Subliminal messages can be used for a variety of reasons, advertising companies use them to encourage people to buy their product, military use them to interrogate suspected terrorists, the media uses them to condition our minds, movies and logos use them to build suspense and to identify their company as one.

Musicians use them for either a joke or satanic ritual. What ever the reasons and in what ever medium they are inserted into the reality of subliminal messaging varies depending on the intentions the suspected company etc are using this technique for.

Subliminal messaging is a form of mind control. 

An alternative approach to corporate logos and what they may mean to some people. Not placing the blame on anyone, I only show how some corporate logos seem to contain elements of the occult mystery teachings which many would agree with me are taboo, and in some cases, even sinister. This video is intended for educational purposes, entertainment, and inspiration for your own personal study of this subject.




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