19 Mar 2012


Not only a paedophile cover-up but here you have a barrister/solicitor saying in this public statement that the British judicial system is covering up paedophiles, is corrupt and that politicians are asking for the Head of the Family Division to step down.

And those that suffer at the hands of paedophiles suffer more, and are told they have psychiatric problems.

Main thing is that it’s coming out and good people are speaking the truth of this corruption.

No doubt it’s all somehow linked to the Vatican, that corrupt state that also covers up its own shocking abuse of children.

The family courts and the blood suckers administrating it are making enormous amounts of money in what is an organised racket.

There seems to be a well organized network at the top of our media sources that are filtering out this revolting activity that is quite rampant. 

Cameron knows bloody well whats going on but is a total lickarse to these Elites.

Brian Gerrish's reaction to the Judgement 

by the Royal Courts of Justice against Hollie Greig

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