5 Mar 2012


It's the next (patho)logical step up in cyberwarfare.

We know they have software capable of disabling whole countries, so access to the hardware provides an even more expansive platform from which to influence events through backdoors.

Thinking about underwater vehicles and how they might have executed these cut-and-run jobs reminded me of the extensive arsenal at Israel's disposal.

A series of bizarre coincidences has left several African countries experiencing significantly reduced Internet traffic ... an undersea cable was cut off the coast of Kenya ... severely reducing Internet traffic along the Eastern side of the African continent.

For somebody to have deliberately sabotaged these cables, they would have to know where to locate the cables on the sea floor and have access to sophisticated technology capable of descending to the sea floor and severing the cables, so I think we can rule out Somali pirates.

'Fun' ... Manipulating elections 

Inciting revolutions ?

Blocking governments from access to vital communications systems at critical junctures ?

Relaying false intelligence between governments and organisations ?

Stealing, planting or redirecting information for blackmail purposes ?

Assassinating opponents in broad daylight and getting away with it ?

The possibilities are endless for an entity bold enough to try it. If it is an information war they are engaged in, then what better tactic that to 'gain the higher ground' by controlling the physical fibre optic cables all the actors on the stage depend on for communications, trade and governance in the 21st Century ?

The answer to why anyone would gift Israel nuclear submarines capable of launching nuclear warheads lies beyond the bounds of normal human logic.

A controversial submarine soon to be delivered to Israel - the largest produced in Germany since World War II - has made an appearance at the northern port city of Kiel

Israel has already received three Dolphin-class submarines from Germany and is expected to get at least two more by the end of 2013.

While I suspect Israeli foul play behind the sabotaged submarine cables, I'm unsure whether we can limit state involvement to the Zionist regime.

The mentality behind such 'fun and games' is matched by the US government in particular, as can plainly be seen in its counter-intelligence programme applied to cyberwarfare.

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