19 Apr 2013

I'm a doctor - trust me. I'm a scientist - trust me ... Big Biotech GMO agenda

Let farms grow GM food, says PM's personal scientific adviser: Top adviser backs calls to relax rules on crops in line with Big Biotech agenda to genetically-modify the population and destroy human health


'Calls to relax the rules on GM crops were backed yesterday by the nation’s chief scientist. Sir Mark Walport said the rise of genetically modified food was ‘inexorable’ and there was a ‘strong case’ for it to be grown in Britain. So far biotech firms have been deterred from growing GM crops in Europe by the tightest controls in the world.But controversially Sir Mark, who is David Cameron’s personal scientific adviser, said the food was proving its worth and production is increasing globally.'

That is absolute bollocks.

Walport was Director of the Wellcome Trust for ten years, one of the world's biggest funders of biomedical research (see Big Biotech, Big Pharma) and it was founded by the fortune of the American-born pharmaceutical magnate Sir Henry Wellcome.

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