6 Apr 2013

Offshore Banking Scam : Named and shamed : Thousands of people named : Dozens of countries and dozens of Journalists group together to bring the corrupt system down

Offshore Bank Accounts- 

Thousands of Names released Investigation

Mainstream media now are exposing billionaires, rock stars and politicians who hide their funds in offshore accounts all around the world and these are household names :

Couple this with the Cyprus fiasco and the banksters robbing the citizens in broad daylight:

This appears enough for one false flag, as this is exactly what they do when the tabloids go against them: 

But hell they have much more to contend with :

The Philippines now has a right Royal scandal as Marcos’s Daughter now has been joining the elite and stashes cash abroad, stolen from her citizens , it is only fitting she has to face trials.

Spain is embroiled in Royal scandals and Princess has to appear in court for corruption : Many more top corruption scandals litter the news there, as people suffer Austerity measures and take to the streets in droves, wondering how unemployment can be nearer 30% these days as their king goes on lavish elephant shooting holidays. 

 Part of the trillions of dollars hidden in tax havens by the world's most powerful and influential figures - could soon be a matter of public knowledge. Leaked e-mails about stashed money in the British Virgin Islands has already implicated the friends of French President Francois Hollande, American politicians, entire Arab ruling families and oligarchs.

Beatrix is running off with vast fortunes and leaves her son to steal more from its blind patriotic citizens as Pedophilia grips the chain of command in Holland law courts when Dimmink is exposed with the new future King in Pedophilia links to British Monarch and CIA in Turkey:

The New pope of the Vatican and the new Princess of Holland too are linked to the deaths of 30,000 in Argentina too in the dirty war.

Belgium Royalty too, gets more air time as the Detroux and Sarkozy scandals get bigger and better as more French ministers get found to be hiding stacks of cash abroad.

In UK too The Operation Yewtree covers up more than it uncovers : Apparently lots of stars arrested like Rolf Harris which the mainstream TV avoid like the plague.

‘Only dead Politicians rape kids’ apparently as not one is named in yet another massive concealing project is unveiled despite Labour being awash with history of pedophilia offenders in the ranks going back decades and all holding high places in the filthy infested child buggery political cess pit, who now employ bedroom taxes on those citizens who have spare rooms.

When will this wretched behavioral control end? When we wake up perhaps?

Well there is hope even though it is most difficult to keep hold of so much evidence of a corruptly designed world each day, as more news bears fruit.

And I have not even mentioned Ireland, Portugal and Greece this time round.

Thankfully the world is waking up too.

We now see OPPT closing World banks and Slave system corporations globally :

South Africa for example has Ubuntu party and OPPT has been very active closing out of Banksters and corporations with the very intelligent work of Michael Tellinger and worth looking into.

Australia wakes the world up as OPPT breaks legal ground in finding every single country as a slave based corporation who masquerade as politicians and science advisors to ministers who have only profit interests over the well-being of it’s citizens.

In Japan The new banking system appears to be going to plan as Bank of Japan appears to be leaning more towards its citizens ( keep an eye out for these developments as this is major news which will embarrass the western rogue rulers.)

Plus Italy with Beppe Grillo and his ever-growing 5 star movement who continues to wake the sleepy robbed public from Berlusconi’s million years in Pedo power, seemingly, who too has had yet another court ruling against him, nudging ever closer to metal bars.

The ITCCS too has issued many more International Common law warrants for arrests against genocidal and pedophile clergy and Royalty , This organization also implements repossessing church property from the Vatican and Royal family, actions that clearly forced the dirty old pope to retire and the queen into feign illness scandals, as she cancels more state visits.

BASEL III is now enforced on the Vatican Bank and others now need to comply too, or face closure and yes that means the too big to jail banksters like HSBC and all other drug laundering mafia houses commonly known as our banks.

This is perfect timing to cover up the news by creating a global false flag as they have failed in Syria>

Just today a 6+ earthquake slams North Korea and HAARP is suspected :

Also on CNN Larry King reports that Aliens closed down the firing mechanisms on US Military Nuclear weapons Installations as Iran announces that it has technologies that will render all modern western weapons, a thing of the past and useless.

The Vatican increases rhetoric on introduction of Alien visitors and the West is scared of such disclosure leading to more fear, as we have 3 weeks to go to “SIRIUS” the most comprehensive disclosure documentary ever made, airs on TV and is being released.

It gets embarrassing when the Queen, Knights every living Pedophile and has a son who has the biggest ever pedophile in history, as his best friend: It is also very embarrassing that all such other concealed pedophiles are deep rooted in the British politics and the BBC, whose head quarters was designed by the biggest self-confessed pedophile Architect of his day.

I suppose The Houses of Parliament were built all those years ago by a fiddle fingering despicable retrograde?

From foundations to flora The BBC is undeniably designed as the Pedophile center of the world backed by Royalty and the British establishment and deserves its new name “Pedo Britain”.

So what do they do when the chips are down and news goes against them ?

Normally they just go mental, spraying more chemtrails with some wild virus, but they have been upping the anti on that just recently, so they need more killing devices.

Bill Gates’s Vaccinations have been doing a great population cleansing operation killing many in India, Africa and US, UK and Canada with many more countries are currently ‘ bean counting’ their effects.

Shoot some country down and blame someone like Iran or North Korea is expected or they switch the weather weapons on and destroy some poor country and build a central bank there :

Any minority country who joins the BRICS nations will find terrible weather from now on, directed at cities This is the new politican muscle of the coward west:

Droughts or floods, Tornadoes or hurricanes even Tsunamis and strange volcanoes are now political weapons and have been for 25 or more years, Stink Holes are the rage now in the US, so expect a big one soon near Louisiana and don’t be surprised if more meteors hit public places, they love their new toys.

Watch out for this and look out for weather anomalies as Britain bathes in snow as the winter has been prolonged to keep protesters at bay, locked up in their homes on Pedo TV.

Watch out for the big one, they will even try the evil alien trick this time: and make out our boys as, ’hero’s who save us’, Don’t fall for this crap.

Your job is to stay focussed on who we should be locking up and How !!

No new financial system will enter this world while we have the committee of 300 in power and all the upper echelon of Bloodline families who make all your decisions for you.

We should have a data base list, ticking off these arrests, as we make them, Nobody seems to be bothered by this omission and this is our mission to bring this lunacy to an end, Step away from delusional thoughts of prosperity packages whilst these people remain untouched, 

No Arrests Means No free future.

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