12 Apr 2013

UK Column Live - 12th April 2013 ... MORE EXPOSURE BY BRIAN GERRISH

Brian Gerrish and Malcolm Massey with today's news update including the Defamation Bill, Lord Hall's BBC gag, Indymedia in Athens shut down, the continuing establishment of "al-Qaeda" in Syria, and a German national is caught smuggling half a ton of gold out of Greece.

Journalists killed or kidnapped in the middle east are all killed by gorilla groups funded by the CIA, these journalists see that its all about the drug and oil trade and there is no real enemy, any reporting to that effect they are then taken care of.

Taxation for climate change is a control freak's dream come true, it gives government justification for the monitoring of all human activities.

Big religious institutions would say its all our fault and we need to give them money to make it go away every time there is an extreme weather event.

The truth is the climate is allways in a state of change, look at a few charts of global temps over past few thousand years it goes up and down like a rollercoaster.

JPMorgan run the carbon credits system and making plenty of money out of nothing again.

David Icke would say ‘no problem reaction solution’

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