24 Aug 2013

HAARP PULSING NEWS : Huntsville ALABAMA - The Dutchsinse video that took down his site

This is the video that Dutchsinse posted hours before his site was taken down.

Huntsville RADAR mystery = BAE Systems, DECIBEL RESEARCH Inc., Raytheon 


There is IMO some interesting information regarding this particular location, with involvement of Haarp manufacturing facilities in Huntsville, Alabama.

If his site had not been taken down, it would seem a harmless video. Me thinks, the information here, is more important than it appears, for the very fact, that his site was down for 16 days after this video was posted.

My point of posting this, is that most likely, "they" don't want this video to be seen, so I am calling attention to it.

That said, it could just be a coincidence, that his site was taken down right after this upload. (if you believe in coincidence) for anyone that does not know, Huntsville is also the home of NASA

BAE systems is the company that built the transmitter that haarp station in alaska uses, they also have business locations in many many foreign countries ... BAE has pictures of the leadership at the corporate level on their website ...you wanna put a face on evil ??? there you go , you know exactly who is running the weapons that are used to control weather and manipulate our emotions ... PROJECT AVALON



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