26 Aug 2013

Kevin Annett : Meets Italian New Politicians : With a view to take out the Vatican Crime Organization

Welcome to The New Golden Age 

where Evil has no place:

Please remember all the work we did in March  this year with our Italian colleagues in being instrumental in introducing Kevin Annett to all members of New Italian politics : Kevin Annett suggests that these politicians remain anonymous for now in his short video below, so for that reason we shall not be naming the People who will be teaming up with ITCCS:

What I can personally say is thank you for you people in Italy in March April May this year who really tried to help connect, translate and get with ITCCS and group meetings for May this year with Kevin Annett;
Out of 27 Italian Politicians we spoke to in March 2013 Not one of them had even heard of ITCCS and Kevin Annett and one of them even said is this some kinda joke ?
 Arrest the Pope?

It does not matter, if by our direct work, lent a direct  hand in this making this meeting or not:
The fact is here at LIGHTWORKERSXM we tried to link ITCCS with the Italian new thinking Politicians  and it worked, because it was to supposed to be. Watch this space. Wish Kevin and the team the best of light energy.

THANK YOU ITALY: and special thanks to OPPT ITALIA:
And a special thanks to 3 hardworking lightworkers Yana and Eleonora and John Biddlecombe  in various parts of Italy for their diligent translations and contact efforts to help doing their part  in bringing this meeting about.


  In a news breaking announcement of August 26, 2013, two political parties in Italy have agreed to unite with the International Tribunal into Crimes of Church and State (ITCCS) and its Secretary Kevin Annett to plan “comprehensive legal and political action to de-secularize the power of the Vatican”. The meeting will occur in September prior to a September 22 “spiritual convergence” of elders and church victims in Rome. See http://www.itccs.org.


Italian parties to unite with ITCCS, 

confront Vatican 


The storm clouds are gathering. The different factions are preparing for the big takeover. This is not a time to sit back and wait to see what happens. You have to be responsible. Equip yourselves with all the facts. They are available; it just takes a little effort to establish what is TRUTH and what is FICTION.

The fiction that was imposed on you by religion is fear-based and controlling. It paints a picture of an afterlife that is totally untrue. They have taught you about a God of judgement and punishment; a God who wants you to suffer in order to appease Him. Ask the question, why do they always depict God as purely MALE. This totally denies the FEMALE aspect of the God of Love. For they fear the feminine. So they banished all references to the GODESSES who were once revered because they represented LOVE. Love itself is depicted as nothing more than mere sex: when, in fact, sex is an expression of love in its purest sense. They set out to debase it through film and television etc. They systematically removed all that was pure and good. 
Love is rarely mentioned.

Those who are in control at this time cannot experience love. They are not capable of it. To them, money equals love. When you all come together and realise the importance of love, you will rescue your planet. I cannot stipulate enough the great importance of it. Love never dies, so those you have loved pop up in many of your lives. You always recognise them, for the bond of love is unbreakable.

The ancient Irish travelled the world, teaching the religion of love. But those who took over, set out to destroy them by force. The Irish today are beginning to recover and come to terms with the great crime waged against them by what was then the Roman Catholic Church; and even today, the Vatican still tries to impose itself on them.

The Irish are now taking their first steps to remove the control of the Vatican. Soon, they will taste freedom for the first time in nearly 2000 years. The stranglehold of the Vatican reaches into many countries in ways you would never suspect. They have been responsible for far more that people realise. But the veil is being lifted on the truth of their real identity and who they serve. It is not the God of love and light !

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