10 Aug 2013



Concerning Neil Keenan’s 
role in freeing the Global Accounts 

I have often thought of the words from the Tao Te Ching to the effect that he who knows doesn’t talk, but he who doesn’t know talks – all the time. There have been many people doing much talking, while Neil quietly went about working to get the job done. There wasn’t a day that went by that he didn’t make efforts to move things forward – not a day! 

I’m sure sometimes he felt like he was only crawling, but it was through these efforts that he created friendships and even alliances with people who saw his honesty and earnestness — while the ‘talkers’ who in reality had little to say were all over the internet telling how they said it really was. 

Neil didn’t ever go on much about his struggles of which there were many, and he also never tried to sell the idea that when these Accounts were freed from the clutches of the cabal everyone was going to get some sort of a free ride, like a nice ‘check-in-the-mail.’ He didn’t say those things, because he knows they aren’t true. He never lied to you. 

Although he never got down, when he did get tired, I would often say to him that the Universe has everything under control and when the timing is right, everything will come together as it should — and as it now is. Neil does understand that kind of thinking. There was never, ever any thought of his not succeeding, because he was just going to keep at it until he did. Please read this latest update, and perhaps you will understand what I’ve known and been unable to speak about for safety reasons for a very long time: Neil Keenan, who is a very special person, is the only game in town! 

One day I hope everyone will want to send him a collective ‘Big Hug’ to thank him for all his efforts on our behalf. 


PS It takes years and lots of research and reading to understand the complex story of the Global Accounts. While I have invested those years and efforts, I still cannot dance among the facts the way Neil can. They are at the tip of his fingers.

 (Neil Keenan with Count S. C. Chiang in Hong Kong, July, 2013)

by Michael Henry Dunn

August 6, 2013 — Dramatic developments continue to unfold in the wake of Neil Keenan’s recent series of meetings in Hong Kong with leaders of the powerful Asian clans who are the legitimate depositors of vast sums (numbering in the thousands of trillions) in hard assets in the Global Collateral Accounts.  Two of the most powerful financial figures in the global scene have now thrown their support behind The Keenan Group, as the pressure intensifies to close down the tottering control structures of the Western banking cabal.  Count S. C. Chiang, a senior leader in the clans, first learned of Neil Keenan’s efforts through the late Dr. Michael Van der Meer, a legendary intelligence community figure who worked closely with Keenan during the early stages of his fight to free the Accounts from cabal control.  The Count informed Mr. Keenan in Hong Kong last month that he and his associates have been watching Keenan’s work closely over many months, and have come to trust his tenacity and integrity.  The importance of the Count’s support can hardly be overstated, as his influence and resources are among the greatest in Asia.  He will now be working closely with The Keenan Group to enforce the depositors’ control over the Account assets, which have been stolen and defrauded by the corrupt Western banking elite for nearly one hundred years.

Neil Keenan lost no time in strengthening his team in the wake of this crucial support. On his return to Indonesia, a further meeting with Keenan was arranged (through Count Albert) with the lineal heir of the Sukarno Pakubuwano X (CPBX) – the son of the only daughter of Pakubuano X (PBX), Bra. Lestari Purbaningrum, a.k.a. Bra. Maryam Budilestari, a.k.a. Bra. Maria Agnes Budiles.

(Bra. Lestari Purbaningrum, 
a.k.a. Bra. Maryam Budilestari, 
a.k.a. Bra. Maria Agnes Budiles)

A leading figure in the allied Asian royal families, this influential gentleman (who wishes to remain unnamed at this date) met at length with Neil Keenan in Jakarta, where extensive documentation was provided of his legitimate control of vast sums in the Global Accounts, which he has been illegally blocked from using by the banking and bloodline families behind the Federal Reserve System.  He informed Keenan that he has recently reconciled with his sister, the daughter of the son of PBX, Tari, Mr. Soekarno. Between them they control enormous sums in the Accounts and are giving their full support to The Keenan Group’s efforts.
This key figure in the ancient allied clans told Mr. Keenan of his vision of The Ten Points – an ambitious plan to utilize the Accounts for the benefit of common people throughout the world, to provide the following essential needs:

1.      Clothing
2.      Food
3.      Housing
4.      Education
5.      Health Care
6.      Public Transportation
7.      Public Telecommunication
8.      Clean Water
9.      Electricity
10.  Jobs

Discussions are underway regarding plans for rapid implementation of such programs, once the Accounts have been freed.



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