30 Jan 2014

UK Column Live - LAWFUL REBELLION 30th January 2014


 Brian Gerrish and Louise Collins 
with a news update from the UK Column.

The State gets control of all children by ending school holidays
 KPMG are advertising the onset of this removal of control by parents to the State on their website.

Cars that can be stopped by em signalling are coming in.  Only if you have one can you get cheap insurance rates.

Fracking is being made easy by homeowners being cracked under will not be notified.  Insurers will not insure houses damaged by fracking.  House prices fall by 11% plus if there's tracking in your area.  Water pollution.  Earthquakes.  Simply not being talked about by the BBC.

Disney grooming children for nanny/spying state - Special Agent Oso.  Miss Shutterbug films child on nano spy camera, beaming image to NSA, of child not wearing seat belt, effectively saying to kids it's alright and normal for the State to be filming you.

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