19 Jan 2014

VATICAN ASSASSINS : The Vatican Behind the Creation of Islam

How the Jesuits controlled Freemasonry 
and launched wars to avenge their order

Author of the book Vatican assassins "Eric Jon Phelps" speaks with Red Ice creations radio regarding the fact that the Vatican were involved in the creation of the Islamic religion.

Visit www.vaticanassassins.org to learn more about the work of "Eric Jon Phelps". 

They used Napoleon, their great avenger, a French Grand Lodge Freemason to avenge the monarchs of Europe who had removed the Jesuits from their countries. And lots more information as to how the Jesuits have used Freemasonry to control England since George the third, and be anti-Protestant since 1776. The Jesuits controlled the USA from the very beginning. The American Empire has been nothing but the hammer of the Pope. The HIgh Freemasons have run America with the objective of bringing all Sects back to the Papacy. Hitler's job was to purge as many Jews out of Europe as possible, to kill as many heretic orthodox people as possible.

The Jesuits controlled Stalin, Hitler, Churchill and FDR. The Lutheran Protestant Germans were destroyed through bombing and other mass killings. Hitler ordered the bombing of Protestant cities. Washington is controlled by the Pope, currently engaged in a war of annihilation against the Shia. The leader of the Shia is considered to be infallible and divine. This cannot be tolerated and explains the endless wars in the Middle East to kill all the Shia. Gull Island and Plume Bay in Alaska has enough oil to last the USA two hundred years.

They made America dependent on Middle East oil so that they can reach their objective of the rebuilding of Babylon. It is not an economic conspiracy. It is religious. Everything they do is based on mystery religion which came from Babylon, and was founded on it.

(Marduk again behind the creation of the religions of the world)

 Eric jon Phelps on the shocking Jesuit plan for America...Yuri Bezmenov, KGB propaganda expert and defector, reveals how subverison takes place and the KGB plan for the takeover of America, now in its final stages....Computer Programmer, Clinton Curtis, testifies under oath before Congress about fixing election voting machines to win elections. Lindsey Williams on QE3 and the coming hyperinflation

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