19 Sep 2014






 Freemason's and more






This video covers the ownership of Britain's elite salmon fisheries, EU fish quotas, Fraud, Killing fish during embargo's on killing for conservations. sir Walter Scott, (Scott Foundation, Abbotsford Trust, Galashiels earthquake) Sir Alec Douglas-Holme Egyptian revolution and bombing the Yemen to protect BP plant. Duke of Northumberland and Duke of Roxburgh as civic leaders and blessedly productive employers of local people. Aldis CO-OP bank frauds. Tweed Foundation: cash at bank. Local fishing becomes private fishing. Stormonth Darling Solicitor.....legal scandal involving Penman (Law Society). Peter Stormonth Darling financial fraudster asset stripper: Galahad gold & Brinkley mining. Virtual products Peter Stormonth Darling sells the frauds to pension funds scottish widows etc Lloyds Verde, Lloyds Masons. Co-op fraud Peter Marks (£5million pension bung) to asset strip. 

Trading address for Tweed Foundation boyks (Geoff Boycott Elizier Jacobs) Michael Parkinson Ponzi scheme, Sanderson of bowden AWG ponzi shelves, Spanish corruption (7 mile long trawling nets), Lonmin shootings & Tribal employees. Slaughter of blacks in pay round Peter Hain/Algy Cluff Amara mining scam. Pump and Dump Billion Pound fraud. Lord Sanderson, Aldays PLC 93-99 , Virtual oil gas, Scotcoal (renewable's)...Gordon described trickle down fraud coupons vouchers....Casino sector pension...Scottish Military Tattoo KOSB museum fund. JFK funeral.....they played the Barren Rocks of Aden....Gordon Bowden met the kennedy family in Transkei. The crashing of Lord Sanderson's Clydesdale Bank. 

RBS Steve robson and seven directors stripped out cash through investment brokerage 100million pounds for Antarctica exploration. Cairn CEO on the court of BofE. PM Singh and PM Cameron deeply involved in Cairn VEDANTA crimes. Only Singh resigned when exposed by Gordon Bowden and Peter Eyre. Richard Chang killed at Abbey National under steven hesters watch. Endowment Mortgage no is just a 30 year rental with no fund that will fund the capital loans...at maturity the mortgage home is returned to corrupted real estate firms/banks. Homeless children then processed into care homes (privately owned). Edinburgh Woolen mill: golfing jerseys £250 price tag.....Rory Mcilroy/Tiger woods. 

Virtual product fraud over 40 year pyramid scheme. Inneous BP subsiduary, Lonrho, Chairman Chris M Chambers is prince charles' financial advisor (Lonrho owned by UBS). Cadbury Schweppes in same canal with Rio Tinto and Barrick Gold (Bush family Khashoggi & HRH QE2 and gordon's list of directors....INTEL sector leaders get the presidency and the illicit wealth. Scottish Evictions in favour of grazing sheep on massive estates gets sound system. Greg Hallett: Who owns NZ media? George Noboby in NZ belongs to anybody in NZ. Resignation of Governor General in Australia and NZ have more power that PM....Quentin Bryce resigns within weeks of exposing the Mr Bean (war correspondent for Gallipolli) Olympic joke....at the ANZAC war dead. Rio Tinto Ownership explained. ...back to 22 Arlington St (SAS Frances Dee Cook). Lord Care of Kinlochard Russia and Pakistan (partitioned out of linlithgow) . Geo-political manipulation....over 30-40 years. 

Argos Resources Falklands ........Duchess of Sutherland and poor sent to the colonies...Leveson Gower (Lord Liverpool) East India Company ...eviction of colonies Rebeka Brooks HACKING and compensation Lord Leveson is a relative of Duchess of Sutherland who sent the poor to the colonies to make room for the sheep (for stealing bread) South African corruption right into jackie Selebi head of INTERPOL convicted of fraud and organised crime. Europol run by a yorkshireman. Cameron fraud over generations. Freemasons run lodge and frauds. John Paterson's masons......Lodge opened in Galashiels and they had an earthquake same year. Lowdown on bank asset stripping...forensic research on corporate docs HUNDREDS OF COMPANIES.....credit card..billion pound fraud but Mgt Hodge (Oppenheimer) and archbishop of Canterbury are the regulators....trivia in the media cops and border control entertainment on TV. 

 Treasonous crimes against peace loving nation and UK military. Police salaries/pensions, crime statistics. Asset stripping jobs salaries and giving jobs to G4S....run by MI6 execs (Dearlove) and Israeli PMs/Tank Commanders. Charitable sector evidence of fraud MALARIA NO MORE UK....16p for every phone call Im a celeb getme out of here...adviser to Gordon Brown, dir of Comic Relief, Steven redgrave and JK Rowling, Lizzy Murdoch Charles Dunstone HACKING and chipping norton....links to Cluff and Duke of Northumberland (Alnwick castle and poison garden).


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