5 Sep 2014

Philadelphia Police Stealing Hundreds Of Homes by extortion theft and blackmail


Law enforcement has turned upside down and is in fact a business with business goals and business practices, such as using every "sale" opportunity, and if there's not enough of them, create new ones by "marketing". Seriously, if you look from that angle, you will see how perfectly it all fits. Notice the statement from the district attorneys office about "usually we end up with a settlement" (blackmail). I bet that implies also not going public on the details. It's just plain extortion, theft and blackmail.

Bureaucracy becomes the norm and bureaucrats receive the green light to create more and more statutes to violate, while enjoying popular support in "enforcing the law". That, in a nutshell, is how it works in the US, and this is the answer WHY. Because people agreed that the letter of the law is the king - rather than common sense and justice.

Philadelphia police 

putting homeowners on the street



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