23 May 2013

Cameron The Breathtaking Hypocrite In Wake of Woolwich Attack

This may have been an horrific attack but to hear the holier-than-thou condemnations from Cameron about a 'sickening attack' and 'appalling crime' is both sickening and appalling.
This is the man who ordered and campaigned for the mass slaughter in Libya where horrific murders of this kind became the daily norm and he is supporting the 'rebels' in Syria where beheadings and chopping people to pieces are an almost daily occurrence. He argues for these insane people to be supplied with weapons by the West (more than they already are) so they can be even more deadly.

Cameron said after the Woolwich attack that 'we will never buckle' in the face of terrorism. Well, that's just as well when he has to look at a terrorist in the mirror every morning.

Cameron, Obama, Bush and Blair - terrorists the lot of them and all with the blood of the innocent on their hands on a fantastic scale.

The two terror suspects being held under armed guard at hospitals in London were both known to security services, Government sources say.

The men - who were apparently assessed by MI5 as not posing a threat requiring "immediate intervention" - were arrested following the hacking to death of a serving soldier in the street in Woolwich, southeast London.

Sky's crime correspondent Martin Brunt said one suspect had been identified as Michael Adeboloja, a 28-year-old Londoner of Nigerian descent.

Latest on the Woolwich attack


Cameron Announces £40 million for Obama’s Terrorist Cannibals and Butchers of Children



The UK government has announced a £40 million aid package to foreign-backed terrorists fighting the government of Syrian president Bashar al-Assad, local media reports.


 The package was announced during a meeting between British Prime Minister David Cameron and US President Barak Obama in Washington on Monday, when the two exchanged views about the ongoing conflict in the Middle Eastern country they both have strongly enhanced and promoted in a desperate attempt to change the regime there.







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