7 May 2013

Israel carried out an act of war on Syria using WEAPONS OF MASS DESTRUCTION

Israel carries out act of war on Syria using Weapons of Mass Destruction

Just like the US, UK, France and Germany did in Libya as the picture below proves

Don’t you find it not only ironic but also hypocritical that Obama, Cameron, Israel and its military allies all put such a great emphasis on opposing the development and use of WMD’s and Chemical and Biological Warfare and yet so openly use them on such a vast scale when they go to war?

What gives the US, UK, France Germany, NATO and Israel the exclusive right to fight non existent terrorism in far away countries when they are the instigators of those militia/terrorist that they fund and arm?

What gives them the right to carry out air strikes “At will” in any country which is clearly in breach of that countries sovereignty?

Why are these aggressors not taken to the International Court of Justice on charges of using Weapons of Mass Destruction on at least five breaches of the Geneva Convention?

Why are they not charges with mass genocide and in particular Israel itself who so profoundly ram the holocaust down our throats?

The answer is quite simply because this bastard (Uncle Netty) really does not give a crap!!!

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