18 May 2013


Ever wonder why so many actors become politicians? That’s what they do. Politicians are actors, blow hard bluffers who try to fool each other as well as the rest of us.

What a sham.

But what part of the matrix isn’t like this? Lying and pretending is the name of the game. The whole ego concept is much the same, an image that thinks it’s the real deal when it’s not and never will be. What’s ironic is everyone is participating in this charade while calling out who they think is telling the truth or not when it’s all built on illusion – which by definition is a lie.

Herein lies an empowering truth. While many feel hopeless and helpless in the face of these massive ugly false realities being imposed on us, these entities and those they dupe and empower to do their bidding can only imitate. They can infect and infest our thoughts and thus cause humans to create and bring to pass their intentions, but they lack the spark of spiritual life that humans carry.

This is why fear is so important to them. It is their biggest and most powerful weapon against humanity. Once we fear, we in effect, honor their presence and dominion over us. Once we do that they can have sway over us. However, if we do not, and see them for the hobbled parasites that they are, they can do nothing to us, although those they’ve infected here on our plane can be a problem. Still, the principle remains the same.

That Obama is a literal clone is often discussed. At the least he’s a mind clone. And as we all know those massive scars on his head that look like his skull’s been opened up really get you wondering.

This creature with no history they’ve trotted out on the world stage is truly “something else”. Literally. Since he appeared out of nowhere it’s baffled me how anyone could fall for this absolute farce. Granted it’s been the same story over and over at varying degrees, but you have to admit he takes it to another level of shallow inhuman-ness in his pompous superficiality and absolute lack of substance.

While the vast majority of politicians and so-called leaders or rulers are lying psychopathic puppets, he seriously doesn’t appear human. His rote behavior with no capability for sincerity or genuine anything is extraordinary. Politicians are actors and essentially all like this, but we’re seeing a work of artificial intelligence in some shape or form.

Those who see through him are absolutely outraged, and those still clinging to his engineered facade of shifty hopey-changey coolness are just plain voluntarily hypnotized is about the only way you can explain it. It’s all so surreal. But then again, so is this whole illusory construct we’re witnessing as it only gets weirder and weirder.

see how the fear works? They’re forced into the ultimate scam for defense – for them to think you’re one of them – i.e. these entities we’re up against use fear and intimidation to force people to compromise their convictions. And one compromise leads to another. That’s also called corralling the sheep in preparation for harvesting.

No wonder these authors and movie makers with a fetish for dark and creepy stuff get it right so often. They’re on their channel. That’s also why these power crazed psychopaths and mad scientists are bringing their dark world into ours one freakish experiment and nature altering program at a time. Notice how the synopsis nails genetic modification as “tampering with the balance of nature”. Do we ever hear that phrase any more? Instead, cloning and transhumanism is now considered normal and the cutting edge of “brilliant” technology.

The switchover is almost complete. That’s why this can’t go on much longer.
While we each can experience total liberation the Truth brings, when enough of us come to that realization the matrix will crumble, as it is already starting to do.

This is why their actions and behavior have become so frenetic and they’re having to resort to brute force and massive control techniques. It will continue to get sloppier and we need to catch them at every turn. People are taking notice and finding our voices so we need to keep cranking it out there any way we can.
The struggle we face in this life is clearly a very real challenge. We may never know the fullness of Truth except intuitively until we pass to the next level. Even then we may have other challenges like levels in a video game.

But the story of overcoming these parasitic forces is an age old one written and told for eons. What stands out the most are the tales of courage and bravery that have rung in the hearts of man through the centuries. Standing up to the bad guy, fighting for truth and justice, peace and faith in the midst of dire adversity, acts of unselfish love.

It’s the soul of man seeing the light through the door to the realm beyond this world, the wondrous loving creative Source of the boundless, limitless Multiverse.
And it’s in every man’s heart for the discovering.

This knowledge is our refuge. This Truth is our strength. This experience is here in the Eternal Now and can never be taken from us, only hidden beyond an illusory veil. Once you’ve realized that the struggle is over.

There’s no having to get there. It’s here. We must learn to live it and in it fully, and remain true to its very existence for all to see.

This is the true warfare of the spirit. Win this and we’ve won.

Shine on. Darkness cannot stand the Light.



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