10 May 2013

The police worldwide are not there to protect the population but to protect the Elite from the population. T'was always so


 West Yorkshire Police Headquarters.


Police report into its relationship 

with Jimmy Savile branded 

a whitewash

To think that these same people stick their noses in the air and claim the 'moral authority' to make life-changing judgements about the behaviour and honesty of others.

There are many genuine police officers trying to do a genuine job with genuine intentions but they work within a police structure and hierarchy that is deeply, deeply corrupt, dishonest and mendacious (see the Isle of Wight police for a start).

This 'report' into the way Savile was protected from prosecution by his mates in the police is a joke and for his record-breaking number of victims a very sick one indeed. Those behind this report either can't see the bloody obvious, in which case they are in the wrong profession, or they can, in which case they are a disgrace.

Not only was Savile protected decade after grotesque decade by the police, but also by leading politicians, the Thatcher government and inner circle, British intelligence and the royal family.
Anyone wonder why B and C list ‘celebrities’ are being arrested regularly but not a single politician in their paedophile-infested profession has been questioned? 

I can't work it out, it is such a mystery, eh?


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