5 Dec 2013

Julia decodes the control structures being placed around us

the tap



Chancellor of Duchy of Lancaster... There are two Royal Duchies, Lancaster and Cornwall. They each have a "chancellor" that is a government minister, the job being to collect rent and taxes for the Royals. And looks like we are funding our elected representatives to do that job. Our taxes pay the salaries for the Royal rent collectors. It is very blatant, isn't it?

Duchy of Cornwall... ...owns 3/5 of the Cornish coastline. That's quite a lot that could in one fell swoop be closed off. The National Trust own quite a large amount of the remainder. Just two major elitest institutions gatekeeping the Cornish coast. Great.

Parent Pay Rent... Does parent mean you pa.rent, pay rent? You sign your child over to the state at birthby registering it, and your child is kind of like a rent that you pay, not a money rent, but a payment of chattel. You have brought your child into the slavery system. The expression "rent boy" comes to mind, and I guess that is another way of paying rent when you are in a corner with landlord demands, and someone offers you money for your child, or use of your child as a payment for the rent. Children are currency.

Child Benefit... I get paid child benefit and child tax credits. The government is paying me to serve my child in the government dictated way. Because they are my paymaster, I struggle to break away from the expected demands they have of me. And I think my funding would probably drop if my child quit school. I think that means my child is earning the money through school work.

No more child labour... We don't have children working any more nowadays do we? Because we are so advanced in our society. That was just some cruelty of past times. Now we just send them to school from age 4 or younger at nurseries to WORK. It is called LEARNING. Which is a bit like EARNING, Learner Earning, Earning with 'L' plates, L earning. And the government are keen to fund it. We also make the kids work at home. It is called HOMEWORK. There is an increase in homeworking isn't there? Today's kids do pointless government controlled work, which trains them to be completely useless at anything other than government controlled jobs. In the olden days, they might have done useful work, from which they would have felt useful and learnt real stuff, and this is increasingly regulated and banned for children, and labelled CRUEL.

Fake death... If criminals can be given new identities, then what happens to their old one? Maye they are officially made dead with a death certificate? Maybe there is a way out of the contract with the state that your parents registered you for at birth. Maybe there is a way of getting a death certificate without actually dying?

Cyclist Problem Reaction Solution... Here it comes. Cyclist killed in Bath by hit and run driver, we dont know who, maybe it was a set up, maybe not. And now the Bath Chronicle leads with asking What Can We Do? We must react, we must find a solution. I know, how about regulations and rules, money making ones. Just like the cars have. Tax, cycling tests, Bicycle MOTs, compulsory insurance, ID papers, special safety gear to wear, laws to break so that cyclists can be arrested for their own good, for their own health and safety. Let's take away that feeling of freedom and independence that cyclists once had.

London cyclists... I just noticed that there have been 4 major cycling incidents in London in the last two weeks too. Maybe it is being rolled out across the country. We could build more roads for cyclists too. Tarmac the countryside with cycletracks, call them "Greenways".

(See http://suliwrites.wordpress.com/2013/05/05/the-twin-tunnels/)

Air for sale... Wessex Water are now trading air. Or at least they have that written on the side of some of their vans. It's starting. They just need to persuade us that the air is dangerous, then offer us a new tube into our home, or an expensive air filter, to solve the problem. Keep your windows and doors firmly shut though, make sure none of that evil outside air gets in to poison you. Wessex Water will take care of your world for you, trust them.


Linear Reservoirs... Someone tells me that canals are used as linear reservoirs. I haven't quite got my head round that one yet, but it is a very interesting idea, especially with the importance of water as a resource over which everyone is fighting. That would mean that transport of coal etc was just a cover story for building linear water reservoirs which connect up all our previously unconnected rivers.

Online Fishing... You are on a line, or in a net. You are a fish being caught. Maybe it is trawler fishing, when the net is trawled. Maybe it is fly fishing when you are a fly caught in the web. The internet is a bigger tool for them than us. It seems designed to catch us, lure us in, to intern us.

Monsanto Male... The male has the current monopoly on the provision of human seed for reproducing. Though that is changing. There are now Banks of sperm as well as Banks of Money. So at the moment, the female has to go to a male or a sperm bank to get seed to grow a new human. If they manage to eliminate male fertility, the Sperm Bank will have the monopoly on the seed. It is just like Monsanto. And maybe one day back in time, females self fertilised themselves, and had no need of seed from anwhere else.

(See http://suliwrites.wordpress.com/2013/10/29/jesus-the-jewess/)

The New Church... They won't call it a "church", they need a new name, a new brand. Christianity may soon be extinct, a headline says, and the reason given is that the young ones have not been sucked into it to prop it up. The obvious solution is to introduce the new church into schools, where there is a captive audience of young people. In Bath, a corporate called Wesport has sprung in to absorb the government (tax payers) funding to introduce yoga regimes across all schools. In Quebec it is "spiritual animators". They are sweeping in with the Big Brother Brand of spirituality to capture the huge awakening going on. Same as 2000 years ago, except they are going for the kids this time.

Electric Banks.... Banks have charges, current accounts, currency. You can be in the red (live) or black (neutral), just like the old colour coding for a plug wiring. An account is a/c which is anode and cathode. We have banks of batteries to be charged up. Currency is not just money, it can be electricity, water, and mills.


The bank's overdraught... When the Bank so kindly looks after my money for me, it is doing me a favour. How did we get to believe that? They owe me, they have persuaded me to lend them money, they are in debt to me, but they make out they are helping me. They pay me a few pence a year per thousand pounds they have borrowed from me. If I go overdrawn and I owe them, the rules are a bit different, I have to pay about £50 per day for owing them £50.

Irradiated fingers... I am finding I get numb fingers from using my ipad too much. It is not just the action of tapping fingers onto the keypad, there is radiation coming directly into my fingertips from the screen. Light is electromagnetic waves. Smartphones are the same. A great upgrade from the old fashioned keyboard. Fingertips, like eyes, are highly sensitve parts of the body, almost like nerve ends, points where things easily get into you. Another targeted area for radiation is probably the solar plexus, which is maybe why "laptop" work is encouraged. Point the screen towards your solar plexus.

Trading breast milk... Paying women to breastfeed is being trialled in pilot schemes in the UK. Oh great, fantastic, women encouraged to breast feed by paying them, the breastfeeding campaigners will be pleased that their calls to the goverrnment to help are being answered. But now effectively we have breast milk being sold, the slippery slope. It is a traded commodity. There is already breast milk being sold on the internet. Paying women to breast feed is psycholigically tweaking their minds. It is a deal with the devil, it is no longer a gift from mother to baby. Breast feeding becomes a government controlled contract. I wonder how you provide evidence to qualify to get the money?

Sun and Moon Universe Cities... I am noticing that most UK towns have two universities. One is the big brassy, high status, top dog one that does Science, Engineering, and Management and Sport. This one will have the name of the city, University of Bath for example. The other university is the lower class, lower rated, smaller, quieter, dimmer one that does arty and creative stuff. It is like the Lion and The Unicorn, the left brain and the right brain, the male and the female, the Sun and The Moon. In Bath, even the location follows this pattern, with the Big One on top of the male hill, and the little one in the female valley.


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