5 Dec 2013

LORD GIVE ME A SIGN : 60% of US tax revenue goes to The Vatican

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Now, before The Great Slag-Off WASP commences read this. Then draw a logical and sensible conclusion.



On the most recent episode of Flow of Wisdom Radio, I had an opportunity to interview Mrs. Karen Hudes. Karen served as the Sr. Council for the World Bank for at least two decades. During her tenor at the World Bank she uncovers corruption and was then fired illegally.

During the interview, we discuss how the Jesuits and the Vatican is a core component to the corruption involving the World Bank and 60% of the U.S. tax revenue goes to the Vatican.

Another point she mentioned was Germany requested to receive their gold which is being held by the Federal Reserve and they denied Germany and told them they need to wait for seven years, which is an act of war. And because of that, Germany no longer shares its intelligence with the U.S.

She also brought up the fact that a nuclear bomb was ignited 600 miles off the coast of South Carolina several weeks ago and high-ranking officials were fired for going against orders to ignite the bomb on land that would have caused thousands of casualties on American soil.



The Jesuits, like the Knights Templar before them, were created by the Illuminati to infiltrate and destabilise Catholicism. Both orders were suppressed: the Templars permanently and the Jesuits for a few decades. The Jesuits, by the time they were reinstated, had been purged of virtually all traces of the Illuminati, although it is worth pointing out that in more recent times French Jesuit Pierre Teilhard de Chardin, in his theories concerning the Omega Point and Noosphere, independently created ideas that are not far distant from the tenets of Illumination, the religion of the Illuminati.



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