26 Dec 2013

THE PEOPLE'S VOICE : Andrea Davison interviewed by Sonia Poulton ... PEDOS IN HIGH PLACES


From a secret location, cyber cafe.  Formerly working in the secret services, she's been vilified from all sides after her attempts to expose high level paedophiles.  Her voice comes across well, but keep volume a little higher.  She talks about links between drugs trafficking, arms trading and paedophilia, being interwoven.  Child pornography is an extremely lucrative business.  This industry is run by criminal organisations, with key personnel in Parliament, the civil service and the Police in support.

She talks about the goings-on in North Wales, and the attempt by her employers to stop her from investigating, but once she knew what was happening to the children, she couldn't keep quiet.

Investigating child abuse is incredibly dangerous.  You are putting your life on the line.  Download the interview if you can as it could well be pulled.  The criminal organisations are run by people who are essentially paedophiles, in powerful positions, making fortunes from drugs, arms and pornography.

Many victims have discovered to their cost that exposing these very powerful people is dangerous. Line wavers a little.  Jimmy Savile was clearly a highly protected individual.  What about his connections with the Police, and drugs?


What about his connections with Parliament, including ten Christmases with Mrs Thatcher?  JS was vetted by people in the organisation he belonged to.  They knew what he was.  He was easy to bribe. He was procuring children for people within the Establishment, as part of this trade in children.  It's time that this cover-up was exposed.

What kept Savile in place, with no investigation of any kind, year after year?  Children are not being protected.  These crimes are not being investigated.  Children have been systematically abused for decades.  Who's behind it?  When will the victims be heard?  The cover-up must be exposed.


She saw Sonia's interview with Lenny Harper, the Police officer who talked of the cover-up in Jersey.

Since Andrea spoke out, she's had threats, intimidation, blackmail, financial deprivation, intensive surveillance.  They have unlimited funds, which are used to prop up and protect this criminal organisation...the government is a key part of it.

She was protected by good agency people, and was still frightened by the intensive surveillance, the discrediting of her character and she knows how terrifying it must be for people who have no protection..

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