2 Dec 2013

UK Column Live - 2nd December 2013


Streamed live on 2 Dec 2013

Judge Mostyn and Secret Court of Protection allows Essex Social Services to section sedate and conduct caesarian to steal Italian woman's baby against her wishes whilst another Judge approves British Couple to adopt the child;

David Malcolm Finch Conservative Leader of Essex Council and CEO Joanna Killian responsible for Essex caesarian assault;

Exposure of Essex Commissioning and Transformation programme forcing privatisation of public services and placing power in hands of a few appointed 'officer' who remain unaccountable for their actions;

Essex PM Douglas Carswell states Essex Childrens Services are unaccountable arrogant bullies who abuse their power and operate in secret;

Joanna Killian feasts on £1000 top restaurant meals paid by public purse; German child stealing by the state;

David Cameron builds World Socialist Dictatorship with post 2015 Development Goals as member of UN Eminent Person Panel;

Cameron visits China ignoring human rights to promote trade;

English power station dismantled and shipped to Germany as Plutonium disposal falters;

Another financier warning of massive speculative bubble;

Ukraine protests to join EU;

Russian military training escalates

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