15 Jul 2012


Sunday July 15, 2012
Drake and Minuteman called for the FBI, the Police and the citizens to make arrests then their radio show got shut down so that they could not speak anymore

By LadyDragon

MONTREAL--(LadyDragon.com)15/07/12--Blog Talk Radio shuts down the radio show of Drake. 

Drake calls for ending Bohemian Grove gathering now plus on July 27 to arrest anyone that wants to removes your guns.

Drake and Minuteman are calling for everyone including citizens to start arresting everyone that want to remove your rights, your freedom and guns.

LadyDragon started with asking Drake about what to do with Bohemian Grove.

Drake said, it should not be allowed and to get at least 4 000 to 5 000 people and storm the place and stop these human sacrifices.

Then LadyDragon goes talking about the latest news

The major news are;

Drake said if your looking for a White Knight look in the mirror theres your White Knight.

Rick Light also known as Minuteman is calling for the FBI, the Military and everyone including citizens to make arrest on July 27. 

July 27 is the date that they want to pass a law to remove guns from the Americans and order to kill us and the survivors to becomes slaves.

Rick said it is time to stop the removal of our rights and freedom.

Place under arrest anyone that support 

Rick is not calling for violence but for people to stand and take positive actions.

Time to place those people under arrest. 

Drake is calling for Occupy , Unions everybody out there we have no time left.

It is time for actions.

Arrest everyone that has voted for the Homeland Security Act.
Arrest of Holder, Soros, both Clinton and the Bushes

It is very important that you listen to the radio show in order to understand the clear instructions from Minuteman and Drake.

LadyDragon is calling for everyone to have their cell phone , video recording equipment in order to live stream and document everything that will happen during every arrest that you do that you witness that are done.

Plus LadyDragon is calling for all factions of Anonymous to get involved and help as well as all the celebraties in Hollywood that knows what is going on like Rosanne Barr and Rosie O Donnell.

Please email your live streaming or any documentations to dragon@ladydragon.com

Everything needs to be documented so that everyone is inform about what is going on

LadyDragon as always will keep everyone inform with the REAL TRUTH as it comes.

Speaking of the truth, LadyDragon was writing this article and the show juts got shot down by BlogTalk Radio.

Obviously they do not want you to know what we are talking about.

We were able to save the show click here to download.

The show was shut down in middle when Minuteman was talking.

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