5 Jul 2012



London Olympics are drawing closer and with it are promises for a safe and terror-free environment for visitors and Londoners alike. But there are growing concerns that the proposed maximized security measures are not only exaggerated, but that they will instigate uncalled for fear and paranoia while simultaneously detracting from the spirit of international sportsmanship that the event is meant to embrace. The widespread militarization of the UK capital includes state of the art weapons technology that will be strategically placed across the city. A missile-bearing aircraft carrier will be on standby on the river Thames, and an 11-mile electrified security barrier will cordon off unwanted disturbance. Security measures ranging from fighter jets to river maneuvers to canine units are all undergoing testing. The Royal Navy's largest ship, H.M.S. Ocean, will be docked in London at Greenwich and Typhoon fighter jets will be on stand-by. Civilians are receiving letters from the Ministry of Defense stating that the rooftops of their homes will be used as the launching ground for missiles.

Organizers have announced 23,000 guards will be watching the games venues and another 13,500 soldiers will hit the streets. Various central London security alerts hitting the headlines in the last month have been treated as terror attacks only to be later revealed as false alarms. While some argue that these scares were planned drills to prepare the public for would-be terror attacks, neither Scotland Yard nor the security services have confirmed any terror threats to the games. The Home Office is now pushing to pass an emergency anti-terrorist stop-and-search powers bill through Parliament before the Olympics, which will give police the permanent right to stop and search anyone in London that they suspect could be connected to terrorism.

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