4 Jul 2012



Colorado Fire–Forensic Specialist & ETs/EDs Expose Glaring Burn Pattern Anomalies

Fire Weather Lookout 1 July 2012 Image Credit: National Weather Service, NOAA

Colorado fire dominates the news, what with the unprecedented destruction of hundreds of expensive homes, thousands homeless and tens of thousands forced to evacuate, plus its nearly getting onto the U.S. Air Force Academy. And now, two are dead! Suppose, though, as Colorado police are already opining, the Colorado fire was the result of arson? Suppose further a Certified Forensic Photographer and trained Crime Scene Investigator found blatant evidence of ultra high tech arson and had the pictures to prove it? What do we see when homes are burned to the ground by wildfires? Forlorn looking chimneys, incinerated trees! Here’s one from California, in which wildfire got into part of a group of expensive homes; note the debris, chimneys, burned trees and ground. Now, contrast that with this, from the Colorado fire, where the houses are calcined to almost snow white and have fallen in on themselves as the same sort of pulverized structure we saw at the World Trade Center. Note particularly picture 19, an aerial view of destroyed homes in Waldo Canyon, Colorado Springs, in which the Colorado Fire, if that’s what it was, annihilated the homes, left no chimneys, barely touched the trees and left green grass clearly visible. Picture number may change, as new pics are added by CNN.

Colorado Fire–U.S. Scalar Satellites Reportedly Hacked & Cabal Plasma Weapon Armed Antigravity Craft Employed to “Intensify Colorado Fires & Destroy Evidence”

The Waldo Canyon Colorado fire had exotic high tech help; that’s the only reasonable conclusion to be drawn here. Ordinary wildfire does NOT destroy chimneys or fireplaces, nor does it spare lawns or trees. Neither does it leave snow white ash in its aftermath. The ETs/EDs (extraterrestrials/ extradimensionals) of the Liberation Forces say that highly secret U.S. scalar weapon satellites were hacked (very difficult to do, per sensitive contacts), then used by the Cabal to surgically destroy multimillion dollar homes containing damning records of unimaginable crimes. Further, they say the Cabal used its own antigravity craft, armed with plasma weapons, to ensure complete destruction. The latter are being reported in the mainstream media as “meteors,” which for a time, grounded firefighting crews.

Colorado Fire–ETs/EDs Say Cabal Attempts To Destroy Evidence Only Worsen Cabal’s Situation. Effort Futile, Since ETs/EDs Have Already preserved Evidence!

According to the ETs/EDs of the Liberation Forces, the Cabal/NWO (New World Order) deliberately started the overall Colorado fire via using HAARP (High (Frequency) Active Auroral Research Project) to change the weather to dry out Colorado, then set it ablaze to destroy incriminating evidence.

The Colorado fire, though, couldn’t be counted upon to do the job by itself, so assured destruction was sought, with the added bonus of huge insurance payouts for hundreds of multimillion dollar homes. Terror. Dislocation. Big payout. One problem, though. The houses wiped out by the Colorado fire, though, weren’t empty, and at least two people are known dead. Arson + corpses = murder. Oops! Worse, through mechanisms not disclosed, the ETs/EDs have the evidence the Cabal sought to destroy via the Colorado fire. This coverup effort was going to count heavily against Cabal members, but now the destruction of innocent lives must be added to the extraordinary and long list of charges facing them. This is such a mess it may require a Galactic Tribunal, if a competent and not corrupt Earth tribunal can’t be assembled. 

The Colorado fire, still ongoing, together with another in Utah and the expectations of same in New Mexico, point to an ever more desperate, cornered and cash strapped Cabal, one whose game clock has all but run out.

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