4 Jul 2012


The world as we know now is run by criminals that will be removed very soon with a process that is called THE EVENT..

The Executive Orders that are mentioned below are just a start in order to create a better future for tomorow.


The world is changing dramatically ..... the USA and CANADA are leading these changes, which will be sudden, unexpected to most, and sure to cause stress to many until the benefits of such changes are fully realized.

CANADA is no longer a constitutional monarchy

EXECUTIVE ORDERS are required to confirm and define CANADA as an independent, sovereign state, not subservient to any foreign power, and to outline clearly all necessary changes to ensure that these are effected beneficially nationwide.


EXECUTIVE ORDER No: 001-2012 Date: ................. 2012

ELIMINATION OF INCOME TAX CANADA REVENUE AGENCY shall cease the collection of 'tax' and other monies immediately and disband within 30 days, during which time refunds shall be made to Canadian residents.

A new branch of the FINANCE Department shall be responsible for the collection and disbursement of federal sales tax on new, non-essential goods and services, which shall be the only tax assessed against Canadians and residents of Canada.

* Tax was fraudulent in that it never benefited the Government nor the Canadian people, but went rather to the shareholders of the international banking cartel (through a misleading in-out accounting process).

EXECUTIVE ORDER No: 002-2012 Date: ................. 2012


MONTHLY compensation payments are to be made to each sovereign adult to compensate for illegal income tax deductions, bank interest (this includes credit unions, major department stores and finance companies) and other past bank fraud. The payments to be made are currently stated to be $75,000 monthly for 12 years, or until $10 million is reached.


Awards shall be paid to Canadian sovereign citizens or officially landed immigrants who have been inconvenienced to varying degrees through past unjust actions by unlawful 'government' agencies, resulting in:

- imprisonment or loss of civil liberties

- bankruptcy

- loss of permanent employment

- loss of home, farm or other permanent residence

- loss of other major assets

- refusal of employment to a new immigrant until he/she has 'two years Canadian experience'

- rejection or downgrading of verifiable educational qualifications or certified professional status in home country

- serious damage to one's health through the "Depopulation of a Planet" project

*Each action may be considered separately, as will multiple incidents in the same category. There will be a standard, basic amount for each loss or action, which may be increased for individual circumstances.

*These payments shall supplement the MONTHLY compensation referred to in (A) above.

EXECUTIVE ORDER No: 003-2012. Date: ................. 2012


- Government operations will be funded principally through the St Germain World Trust, which will utilize Treasury to make necessary deposits, and by a federal sales tax imposed upon new, non-essential goods and services. There will be NO additional taxes throughout the land, but there may be penalties for the importation, distribution or sale of injurious substances.

There is NO national debt, and there never has been. Bank Credit Card balances shall be zeroed out. Bank Loans to Canadian citizens shall be forgiven, retrospectively.

There shall be no deductions from wages or salaries for national services, including pensions and social security and a comfortable standard of living shall be ensured for all, whether or not they are gainfully employed..

The CANADA PENSION PLAN and OLD AGE SECURITY shall be payable to all those who have reached retirement age and have accumulated twelve years or more residency in Canada, but without any further limitation or restriction. The rates will be increased to provide a comfortable living wage.

Other regular social payments will be increased to ensure a living wage at a comfortable level.

Funds for rebuilding Canada, establishing new industries or ecologically retrofitting existing factories or laboratories, shall be provided through a new breed of banks, as well as through private philanthropic organizations or individuals, upon production of a viable Business Plan managed by competent participants.

EXECUTIVE ORDER No: 04-2012 Date: ................. 2012


Education from Kindergarten through to University and Adult Education shall be provided free to all sovereign citizens and federally funded, but provincially administered.

The Provinces and Territories may appoint representatives to the Federal Education (Minimum) Standards Council and Examination Boards and to all other educational councils. Educational institutions shall be free to develop their own programs and enforce higher standards.

Future emphasis shall be on cyber-education, which this government promotes in part through EO #19 (Communications).

Education as a whole shall be revised, expanded and at the same time shortened, as the current system is not based on maximum benefit to children or students but rather to minimize and delay knowledge as long as possible. At least one school system in Russia has already successfully reduced the standard 11 year curriculum to ONE YEAR.

The use of academic designations to denote the authority or standing of an individual will gradually fall into disuse as the ability of everyone will be instantly recognizable by others in this enlightened new age.

EXECUTIVE ORDER No: 005-2012 Date: ................. 2012


Healthcare and Hospital Services shall be provided free of charge for all sovereign citizens and landed immigrants, federally funded, but provincially administered. Emphasis shall be on non-medical procedures and natural products rather than pharmaceutical.

Emergency services may be provided on the same basis to residents who are not landed immigrants.

The certification of all physicians, metaphysicians and health practitioners shall be carried out federally, recognizing authoritative degrees and diplomas from established institutions worldwide.

The production, import, use or sale of products injurious to health, such as MSG and sodium fluoride, GMO seeds and foods [genetically modified organism (GMO) or genetically engineered organism (GEO)), are hereby prohibited. Products containing such injurious materials shall be withdrawn forthwith from the marketplace and returned to the importer or manufacturer for destruction, or those responsible will be faced with charges of felony.

EXECUTIVE ORDER No: 006-2012 Date: ................ 2012


- Free energy will be available and used for all means of transportation, propulsion and the production of energy, as polluting fuels will no longer be combustible. These new devices will provide energy for all requirement levels.

There will be no need for transmission lines and transformer stations, which shall be dismantled and treated as scrap metal for reuse in other industries.

Cosmic energy has been in use for quite some time now but hidden from the public eye as it would have a devastating effect on the profitability of the oil and gas industry.

Larger installations may make use of cold fusion to create electricity.


EXECUTIVE ORDER No: 007-2012 Date: ................. 2012

The Constitution Act of 1967 and all other existing statute laws and Regulations as well as International Agreements, with immediate effect, are null and void, as they were not signed by duly authorised representatives of the people of Canada, and shall be replaced by the CONSTITUTION OF CANADA, when approved by Parliament in 2012, and other subsequent, relevant legislation.

The precepts shall be based upon Universal Law, soon to be the norm in all countries, so that law is uniformly interpreted worldwide, and this will enable Planet Earth to become accepted as a partner in interplanetary trade.

Until then Common Law (Anglo-Saxon) and Executive Orders shall pertain.

The law of the land shall be summarized in just FIVE words: "Do no harm to anyone" , supplemented by the maxim "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you".

The current Parliament is hereby dissolved until new elections are held as the present representatives were elected under false pretences. The new Parliament shall consist of the Senators, the President and the Vice-President.

*Election fraud invalidates the election of an individual to the government of Canada, and any vote by such an individual is automatically invalid. As all politicians representing a political party have signed papers that negate election promises to their constituents, their signatures or votes for an Act or agreement are invalidated. Likewise Acts that have been signed or enacted by foreign powers are invalid.

Charges of treason may be laid against any political party which has insisted on such participatory restrictions.

The Constitution will be a simple document that every Canadian can understand, and not written in legal language (understood mainly or interpreted solely by lawyers). See comments and comparisons under the article "The Constitutions".

The freedom associated with being a sovereign citizen is accompanied by responsibility in all things and towards all peoples. "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you."

EXECUTIVE ORDER No: 008-2012 Date: ................. 2012

The Head of State and leader of the government of Canada shall henceforth be known as PRESIDENT and his spouse shall be known as FIRST LADY. Should the President be female, her spouse shall be known as First Gentleman. Only the sitting president may be addressed officially as 'Mr. President'. Previous Presidents may be referred to as 'Former President' or 'President Emeritus'.

*The term 'First Gentleman' is currently used in several U.S. states.

EXECUTIVE ORDER No: 009-2012 Date: ................. 2012

The Office of Prime Minister is now redundant and the Queen is replaced as Head of State by the PRESIDENT, who shall appoint a CABINET, or Board of Directors, to lead Canada as Lightworkers under Divine Guidance.

He may also appoint a ViICE-PRESIDENT, to act in his absence.

He shall also appoint expert men or women as Overseers or Secretaries to head each Department or Agency and these appointments shall be made on a career basis..

No member of the Cabinet or Head of Department may belong to a political party: they shall be chosen by the President for their recognised appropriate expertise or experience, and their ability to work as part of a team in overall national interests, regardless of their geographical location, origin or culture. The President shall be Chairman at all meetings of Cabinet.

In the absence of any Canadian qualified for such posts, a Consultant may be appointed to fill the position in a temporary capacity.

Staff hitherto employed as retinue to the Queen and her officers may apply to serve the people of Canada rather than the Queen, and staff serving the various residences may be accepted as employees in any location.

Staff from the PMO and other offices now made redundant may be reallocated to the Office of the President, or elsewhere.

EXECUTIVE ORDER No: 010-2012 Date: ................. 2012

The offices of GOVERNOR GENERAL and LIEUTENANT GOVERNOR are discontinued and the PRIVY COUNCIL is disbanded, together with all such other offices and positions connected with royalty, the BAR or The Crown.

Any man or woman purporting to hold a Canadian government office or official position, but who represents a foreign power in so doing, is hereby declared persona non grata in Canada.

EXECUTIVE ORDER No: 011-2012 Date: ................. 2012


Those who are agents of the Crown or who have previously vowed allegiance to the monarch verbally or in written form may rescind such allegiance by recording a statement as follows:

"I, A N OTHER, a sovereign citizen of Canada, do hereby rescind with immediate effect all previous declarations of allegiance to The Queen of Canada, royalty in any form, or any other foreign power and do hereby affirm my allegiance solely to the people of Canada and its duly elected government.

Signed this.................... day of ....................2012

At ............................. in the Province/Territory of .............................. In Canada.


*This will be a requirement for all members of the Public Service of Canada, the Armed Forces and for any member of the retinue of royalty in order to be confirmed as a citizen of Canada

*Certificates of Citizenship will be reissued without reference to royalty and acquiescence will be automatically assumed unless a statement to the contrary is presented to the Cabinet and recorded.

EXECUTIVE ORDER No: 012-2012. Date: ................. 2012

Orders-in-Council' are discontinued and are hereby declared null and void.

EXECUTIVE ORDERS', which shall be authorized and signed by the President on behalf of Parliament, shall constitute the only directives for the governing of Canada until a freely elected government is sworn in as representatives of the sovereign state of Canada and a new Constitution is enacted and in full force.

The initial Executive Orders shall confirm and enhance the 'NESARA Provisions' as previously announced on TV and in the media.

Executive Orders shall be distributed immediately to all areas of government, either in written form or electronically, and shall be posted on all government Notice Boards.

Department Heads are responsible for ensuring that all their staff are made aware of each such Order and that each order is clearly and easily seen.

Presidential Press Secretaries shall ensure that the media receive a copy of all such Orders.

EXECUTIVE ORDER No: 013-2012 Date: ................. 2012


Justice or the settlement of disputes shall be promptly and impartially administered by "Truth Committees", also known as "Ten Just Men", as outlined by Abraham Lincoln, and may operate as 'travelling courts' to service less populated areas, with final arbitration, if required, by the Chief Justice. They will be appointed by the local populace and serve at public pleasure.

The proceedings shall be public and published on the internet, unless the evidence to be adduced is of such nature as to require exclusion of the public and no publicity in the interest of morality or decency.


The collection and retention of detailed personal or financial information on individuals, or profiling, is forbidden and existing records shall be destroyed. Organisations which were created for this or related purposes shall be disbanded within 30 days. Name, address and age is permitted as basic identification, which may include reference to other identification papers.

This applies to information collecting and credit reporting agencies of all kinds, private and business, including banks and financial institutions.

All men are created equal, are endowed by their Creator with certain inalienable Rights, among which are Life, Liberty, Dignity and the pursuit of Happiness.


such as C.S.I.S., C.S.E., E.T.F., C.I.I.A. etc (equivalent to the FBI, CIA, Homeland Security, the Patriot Act and FEMA, in USA) - shall all cease to operate immediately and be disbanded within 30 days. Related laws or Acts are invalidated. Our laws already stated "It is illegal for politicians to spy on law abiding citizens", but been flagrantly ignored.


The terms "© Copyright", "™ Trademark" and "Patent" are superseded by the term "Intellectual Property". Whenever such property is used the Property Holder must be clearly identified.

Intellectual property refers to creations of the mind: inventions, literary and artistic works, and symbols, names, images, and designs used in commerce. It includes inventions (patents), trademarks, industrial designs, and geographic indications of source; as well as literary and artistic works such as novels, poems and plays, films, musical works, artistic works such as drawings, paintings, photographs and sculptures, and architectural designs. Such rights include those of performing artists in their performances, producers of phonograms in their recordings, and those of broadcasters in their radio and television programs. [ Source - http://www.wipo.int/about-ip/en ]

*Abraham Lincoln outlined this procedure (Ten Just Men) at some length and this should be followed closely - see http://Lincoln.insights2.org/AbeMessage10.html


EXECUTIVE ORDER No: 014-2012 Date: ................. 2012


"Senatus populusque Canadensis"

This Latin phrase ("Senatus populusque romanus") was used in Roman times meaning "the senate and the people of Rome" but in the sense that they were one and the same - not two separate bodies.

We have adapted it for Canada and its future Parliament.

The government of Canada (otherwise known as 'Parliament') shall henceforth consist of Senators, who shall be the elected representatives of the people, a President and a Vice-President.

The current "SENATE" is hereby disbanded as no member was elected by the people of Canada and all forms of address currently used by "Senators" shall be discontinued and are invalidated forthwith.

All forms of allowances and benefits provided heretofore to "Senators" are hereby invalidated, including special rates of Pension, as these were not agreed to by the people of Canada, but rather by the "Senators" themselves.

The building known as "the Senate" shall henceforth be known as "COUNCIL CHAMBERS" and utilized by the "Cabinet", "Council", "Board of Directors" or whatever other nomenclature may be agreed by the President and his government.

The "HOUSE OF COMMONS" shall henceforth be known as "THE SENATE" and shall be the meeting place for the elected representatives of the Canadian people, who shall hereafter be known as "SENATORS". There shall be no further form of address used other than "Senator".

Seating in both buildings shall be redesigned to best suit the purpose of meeting, making due allowance for the press, the public, translators, visitors and interpreters. The current system of two opposing sections of seating indicated that one half of the elected representatives was in opposition to the government itself, and this shall be discontinued.

The old Senate (renamed "Council Chambers") shall be used for meetings of Department Heads and support staff - with the rearrangement of seats there should be room for 110 or more.

Seating arrangements: Departments might be assigned in blocks of four seats - but larger than that for those with multiple divisions (Transportation for example),

Offices for Senators should be applied for, then allocated either in the Centre Block or Langevin Block by the President as he may deem fit.

Project Liaison Officers for NESARA INTERNATIONAL Humanitarian & Environmental Projects should be allowed for in departmental seating, as they will also sit as government secretaries for that department.

Emphasis will be on working as a team - one unit, with expertise in various fields, and input invited from all. Decisions shall be made by consensus of opinion.

With the reduction in world population of 30% overall it is expected that this should result in a requirement for no more than 200 seats as compared to the present seating capacity of 374, 338 of which are in current use.

The current "Senate" seats just 105 members, which would be insufficient for the "new" Senators.

EXECUTIVE ORDER No: 015-2012. Date: ................. 2012

COMMUNICATIONS form an important part of the learning environment and each family in Canada should have at least one computer with internet connection, which will be financed if necessary by the Federal Government. Cyber-learning is the wave of the future.

All sovereign citizens shall have the right of free access to government and must see that what is taking place is a joint effort. People will have a far greater say in matters affecting them than they do now. Working for the good of all will be the main criterion in all things. There will be no censorship and no confidentiality.

INFORMATION: - The distribution of false information to the public shall be a crime. This may be by radio, TV, advertising, newspaper, newsletter, religious group or other media outlet. Opinions shall be identified as such and not classified as 'news' or Truth. 'Truth in Advertising' must be accepted by all and in all things.

Likewise neither the sensationalizing nor the downplaying of events will be an acceptable level of reporting of the Truth.

Those who do so unwittingly, either as an individual or organisation, shall be given 30 days to make good the falsehoods or be charged with the offence.

Non-compliant services will have their licence withdrawn and alternative media outlets will be established to replace them.

INTERNET connection shall be provided free to all sovereign citizens of Canada.

TRANS-CANADA ACCESS TO FEDERAL GOVERNMENT: Government offices in Ottawa will be open during the following hours in order to facilitate business by telephone and electronic means at reasonable hours from across Canada.


Opening Time Province Ottawa Time Local

Closing Time

07.00 hrs British Columbia 10.00 - 19.00 hrs 16.00 hrs

08.00 hrs Alberta 10.00 - 19.00 hrs 17.00 hrs

09.00 hrs Prairies 10.00 - 19.00 hrs 18.00 hrs

09.00 hrs Ontario/Quebec 10.00 - 19.00 hrs 19.00 hrs

11.00 hrs Maritimes 10.00 - 19.00 hrs 20.00 hrs

11.30 hrs Newfoundland 10.00 - 19.00 hrs 20.30 hrs

Offices will be closed on Saturdays, Sundays and Public Holidays.

Staff in OTTAWA Offices shall operate two shifts daily to meet this requirement. The first shift shall be from 9 am to 2 pm, the second shift shall be from 2 pm to 7 pm (constituting a 25 hour work week).

EXECUTIVE ORDER No: 016-2012 Date: ................. 2012

All RESIDENCES currently made available to or occupied by the Queen and her retinue shall be vacated within 30 days of [the date of the NESARA public announcement] and reallocated.

SALE of RESIDENCES: Residences set aside for the 'Prime Minister' (24 Sussex Drive), which requires restoration, and 'Leader of the Opposition' (Stornoway) are now superfluous and shall be placed on the marketplace, with the proceeds from such sales being used for humanitarian purposes, such as creating shelter for the homeless.

The PRESIDENT shall reside at GOVERNMENT HOUSE until and unless a modern dwelling is constructed specifically for the President.

*An alternative would be to retain the buildings as museums or historical artifacts, but it is unlikely that the people of Canada in the future will wish to look back upon history of this nature.

EXECUTIVE ORDER No: 017-2012 Date: ................. 2012

The PUBLIC SERVICE of CANADA, whose members are employees of the monarch, is hereby disbanded and is replaced by the CANADIAN CIVIL SERVICE, which shall report to the President.

No man or woman who has been politically appointed to a government position, or politically appointed to a position within the Public Service of Canada, rather then by official examination, may hold any government position or post, unless specifically confirmed in the post by the President or his Cabinet.

The purpose of the CANADIAN CIVIL SERVICE is to enact the will of the people of Canada through its government. as dictated by the President and his Cabinet, by providing advice, and implementing the priorities of the government and delivering services that support Canadians.

*Its function ( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Public_Service_of_Canada ) had been to support the Canadian monarch, and to handle the hiring of employees for the federal government ministries. Under its new name it will now assist in the administration of government under the direction of the President.

Otherwise it will continue to function much as it did before, but without political appointees. The Deputy Head of a Department will initially become Overseer (or Secretary) of that Department until or unless a member of the public is appointed to that position.

"Federal civil service employees in Canada are not contracted by an abstraction called "the state," but rather are employed by the Crown, who personifies the state and "enjoys a general capacity to contract in accordance with the rule of ordinary law."[2] Since the Public Service Modernization Act came into force, individuals must take an oath of allegiance before they can assume their post." - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Public_Service_of_Canada - - [see Oath of Allegiance]

EXECUTIVE ORDER No: 018-2012 Date: ................. 2012


All military operations abroad shall cease and troops brought home and redeployed. The Canadian Armed Forces shall no longer be servants of the Queen. They will be reorganized as wars cease and security requirements change. Emphasis will now be on EMERGENCY SERVICES - in conjunction if necessary with civilian authorities during a local crisis such as a natural disaster; therefore coastguard and emergency services, in preparation for the coming Earth Changes, which may cause widespread disruption of services and instability of the seas, will be their principal occupation.

Underground military cities will be evacuated and all military equipment or supplies destroyed, All internment camps will likewise be dismantled.

The Canadian Border shall be cleared of all foreign troops, who will be repatriated. This will be one of the last acts of the Canadian Armed Forces per se.

Civilian internment camps in Canada will be disbanded. Those who have been imprisoned unjustly will also be released and compensated. The term 'unjust' will include matters relating to taxation, so-called racism and political 'crimes'.

Obsolete equipment and supplies (all "weapons of war" for instance) shall be designated as SCRAP METAL and will be disposed of by a section of the Environment Department for smelting and reuse.

EXECUTIVE ORDER No: 019-2012 Date: ................. 2012

POLICE SERVICES shall revert to their original mission - To Serve and Protect.

The color BLACK shall no longer be used for uniforms.

The ROYAL CANADIAN MOUNTED POLICE (R.C.M.P.) shall retain their historical traditions but shall not report to any foreign power nor organisation, including that of the United Nations. They shall report to the people of Canada through the President.

EXECUTIVE ORDER No: 020-2012 Date: ................. 2012


- All Customs Duties, Excise Tax and restrictions on the import or export of goods or services are hereby cancelled. Products that are a danger to the public may be subsequently controlled by amendments to this Order or a Regulation under this Order. See also the more specific provisions under EO # 20 (Health).

Travelers by land, air or sea shall proceed in and out of the country unimpeded by procedures that might impact negatively upon the privacy of an individual. This shall not apply to anyone declared persona non grata in Canada, or previously deported with due cause.

Ultimately there will be no borders between countries in an enlightened environment.

EXECUTIVE ORDER No: 021-2012 Date: ................. 2012


All current companies, partnerships, associations or assemblies must be restructured within 120 days, with a guiding board of directors but no shares, and shall refer back to the registration under which they currently operate. They may be established for either commercial or benevolent purposes by the registration of a Certificate on the internet. New companies will follow a similar procedure. No official approval will be required. Minutes of all meetings shall likewise be recorded on the Internet.

Banks, trusts and similar financial institutions will likewise be restructured within 120 days, but will also have to be re-licensed and will operate without the imposition of usury (interest charges). All banks and other financial institutions must become Treasury Banks, or cease operations.

All existing company shares must be reimbursed by the issuing company within ninety days of the announcement, or they automatically become invalid and worthless. Small holders may apply to Treasury for such reimbursement.

Federal Business Enterprises and CANADIAN CROWN CORPORATIONS " ..... are enterprises owned by the federal government of Canada (the Queen in Right of Canada[1]), one of Canada's provincial governments (the Queen in right of a province) or one of the territorial governments. And are technically owned and operated by the monarch, as the institution's sole shareholder. Crown corporations have a long standing presence in the country and have been instrumental in the formation of the state. They are involved in everything from the distribution, use, and price of certain goods and services to energy development, resource extraction, public transportation, cultural promotion, and property management."

CANADIAN CROWN CORPORATIONS will be restructured with an appropriate guiding Board of Directors, provided with a new Charter and registered as other businesses are registered, or disbanded if their continuance as such is not deemed necessary. The President shall be an ex-officio member of all such corporations (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Crown_corporations_of_Canada) which shall be reclassified as FEDERAL CORPORATIONS.

EXECUTIVE ORDER No: 022-2012. Date: ................. 2012


The ''ROYAL COAT OF ARMS FOR CANADA'' is discontinued as Canada no longer has any connection with royalty.


There is no requirement for a 'coat-of-arms', which is a heraldic device or armorial bearing originated in the olden days as a sign of recognition during battle.

The GREAT SEAL of Canada shall be redesigned, without the effigy of a monarch. It may contain an image of the Houses of Parliament, or the Peace Tower, and shall be held in custody by the President.

While the governor general has been the keeper of the Great Seal, the Queen's representative places it in the protection of the Registrar General of Canada. Each of the provinces has its own unique great seal for similar purposes,

POSTAGE STAMPS: - may continue as before but without any portrait of or reference to royalty, which may be replaced for example by indigenous animals of Canada , Canadian landscapes or Canadians of distinction.. The customary temporary overtyping of current stock may continue.

BANKNOTES and COIN: - these are being reissued under the new monetary system, backed by gold and other precious metals, and valid holdings of earlier issues will be exchanged on a 1:1 basis. Bills will replace the current $1 and $2 coins.

The image of a monarch shall be removed but the images of past Canadians of distinction may be retained.

Indigenous wildlife may be introduced for some currency denominations.

The FLAG: - The Canadian flag may remain in its present, readily recognizable form or, by future popular assent, it may be distinguished by having, for instance, a beaver and a loon depicted on either side of the Maple Leaf, to differentiate the new sovereign Canada from the previous Dominion of Canada.

The wildlife most readily associated with Canada are the beaver, the loon and the Canada goose.

The flag belongs to the sovereign citizens of Canada but may be flown by anyone who wishes to do so. See history of Canadian flags - http://www.craigmarlatt.com/canada/symbols_facts&lists/flag_history.html and http://nesara.insights2.org/Canada.html for past questions of ownership. Current specifications will be adhered to.

All flags carrying a gold or yellow fringe, normally found in courts of law, will be removed and destroyed, as they indicate Maritime (i.e. foreign) Rule. It is sometimes known as the British Admiralty flag.

Provincial flags may remain, so long as they contain no indication of royalty, which would be considered treasonous.

EXECUTIVE ORDER No: 023-2012 Date: ................. 2012

ELECTIONS: Any man or woman who has committed himself or herself in writing to act in any specific way or in the interests of any business, political or special interest group, or does accept donations of any kind to assist in being elected as a representative for any electoral district or section of the people of Canada is automatically disqualified for life from standing for or holding any government office.

The President or his Cabinet may make exceptions to this rule for worthy individuals standing in the forthcoming free elections of 2012, if they had been compelled to sign terms of agreement against their will and conscience.

The election process, including equipment and results, shall not be controlled nor administered by any foreign company or individual.

Any sovereign citizen of Canada wishing to represent the people for any electoral district shall be entitled to free airtime on radio and or TV in his or her local area and to advertise free of charge or for a sum to be agreed upon in an appropriate local newspaper. Further conditions to be published in due course.

This will not be as difficult as it sounds as in the future people will be known for their honesty and spirituality.

As all potential candidates were obliged to make written commitments in the past, unless independent, this may be taken into consideration in relaxing this rule for some individuals.


The public shall be advised of the unsuitability of politicians to represent them in Parliament on account of their treasonous agreements to act according to instructions from political parties rather then their constituents, and to select individuals who have the best interests of Canada as a whole at heart.

EXECUTIVE ORDER No: 024-2012 Date: ................. 2012

IMMIGRATION:- Those who emigrate to Canada must accept the Canadian society, its customs and rules, or face deportation back to their homeland.

Immigration infers that the new land is more desirable, more acceptable, than the one left behind, and it should therefore be accepted in toto. The principles outlined by William Laurier in 1907, excerpted below, will be implemented and included in all future applications for immigration.

These are Wilfred Laurier's ideas on Immigrants and being a Canadian in 1907:-

Wilfrid Laurier "In the first place, we should insist that if the immigrant who comes here in good faith, becomes a Canadian and assimilates himself to us, he shall be treated on an exact equality with everyone else,

For it is an outrage to discriminate against any such man because of creed, or birthplace, or origin. But this is predicated upon the person's becoming in every facet a Canadian, and nothing but a Canadian...

There can be no divided allegiance here. Any man who says he is a Canadian, but something else also, isn't a Canadian at all.

We have room for but one flag, the Canadian flag... And we have room for but one sole loyalty and that is a loyalty to the Canadian people."

Severe infractions of law or social behaviour may result in appropriate action by Galactic powers or deportation from Canada,

Such infractions will include for example 'honour' killings or the maiming of an individual for refusing to follow religious or cult customs - such as cutting off the fingers of someone who wanted to increase their learning by attending school or university.

EXECUTIVE ORDER No: 025-2012 Date: ................. 2012

CANADIAN SOIL: - the legal premise that the Crown, as an institution, owns all the property of state is no longer valid. No portion of this land called Canada, an integral part of Mother Earth, may be owned by any individual or group. However, an individual or defined group may act as earth steward(s) for specified land which they desire to oversee or manage for the benefit of Canada and Canadians and are capable of so doing.

Improvements on any land however may be owned and registered as such.

Individual units in multi-family buildings shall be considered improvements for this purpose.

The PRESIDENT shall start off this recognition by registering himself as EARTH STEWARD for the area known as Parliament Hill in Ottawa, currently described as "Crown Land" and will do so in his capacity as President on behalf of the people of Canada, rather than as an individual.

National Parks shall likewise be so registered.

Provincial, Territorial and Municipal 'holdings' shall be registered in a similar fashion.

SOURCE: http://government.insights2.org/index.html

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