2 Jul 2012



According to SaLuSa, we “are getting confirmation of the arrests that have started taking place”. In other words, “Here we go.” Or maybe I should say, “Here we already have been going even though it’s under the cover of storms and declared states of ‘emergency.’” Hey, we are emerging, so indeed it is a “state of emergency.” What better state to emerge under.
In David Wilcock’s update today, he said, “Emergencies were declared in Maryland, West Virginia, Ohio, the District of Columbia and Virginia.” All I will say about that is, well, where are most of the cabal operations in the U.S.? How about D.C., Virginia (around the D.C.), West Virginia (U.S. Senator Jay Rockefeller, anyone?), and even Ohio (yes, they have Cleveland, and Cincinnati, and Toledo… but, well, I haven’t got a clue if Ohio has anything related to the cabal).

I say, “Bring it all on!” I’m ready to enjoy these fireworks.
SaLuSa 2-July-2012

The really exciting times have arrived as you are getting confirmation of the arrests that have started taking place. Your rights are such that you have the authority to remove those who have committed acts of treason against you. These are clearly very necessary steps to allow important changes to take place that will move you on to the next phase in the plan. There is no way that the actions can be ignored much longer, and our allies are looking for sources that are keen to cover what is happening. Certainly with an announcement that is intended to set peoples minds at rest, we expect the media to pick up on it. There will soon come a point when the news can no longer be hidden or ignored, and we know that there will be a mixed reception to it. However, we expect President Obama to address the world, to re-assure people that the actions are positive and in everyone’s interests to restore world peace. It will go worldwide and beyond any attempts of the dark Ones to gag it.
Okay, this just showed up. No idea when exactly David posted this, but it had to be within the last 2 hours (currently it’s 20:10 HST). This story keeps getting more and more “bizarre”, although that word is in quotes because nothing is “bizarre” to me anymore!



Apparently, at a conference this past Saturday (Friday in most time zones,) Ben was doing meet-and-greets with audience members. Someone shook his hand and apparently jabbed him in the wrist with a small, concealed needle as they did.
Ben immediately sucked the wound and spit out whatever fluids he could get. He seemed to be fine afterwards. Then he read my update and became alarmed. Two days after this happened, he still does not have any symptoms.

———- Forwarded message ———-
From: Fulford Benjamin
Date: Sun, Jul 1, 2012 at 4:54 PM
To: David Wilcock

Can you get me more info about the bio weapon. On Saturday, after I made a public appearance, a man came up to me, shook my hand and then jabbed my wrist with something, leaving a small hole.
I sucked at it immediately to remove whatever it may have been and I feel fine today, Monday. However, after reading your update, I would like to hear from the people who have the anti-dote.

Benjamin Fulford 古歩道ベンジャミン

[UPDATE addition] This part of David’s article particularly “curiously revealing”:

“Is it possible that the “good guys” gained control of a technology such as HAARP — which allegedly can create severe weather — and used it to knock down Washington, DC for the greater good?
“You have to admit it is quite a convenient “coincidence” that this happened after Drake got the word from three of his top insiders that at least some arrests were imminent.
“The people would not be upset by seeing emergency personnel in the midst of a disaster like this. Power is down, cell communications are down… and this would be an ideal window of opportunity for certain key people, at least, to be brought to justice.
“Bear in mind that these people may not be elected officials. We may not even know, at first, that anyone has disappeared. This could be the first stage of a multi-pronged campaign.

“Again — even the staunchest skeptics must admit how strange it is that this all happened AFTER Drake was given the “green light” announcement. Many of the top arrests would be in the Washington, DC / Northern Virginia / Maryland area, by necessity.”


The time he would have died would have been roughly Monday, June 25th, if this had been a successful attack.
They did discover the weapon must be administered by direct injection into the bloodstream. Three co-factors that appear innocuous by themselves work together to create rapid death within a few days after its introduction into the body.
It is built to be undetectable, and will not show up in conventional blood tests. Even those people working in very high levels on the inside had to work feverishly to identify what exactly this was.
By culturing his blood, they were able to isolate the co-factors and provide antigens that destroyed two out of three of them.
There is absolutely no indication that this could ever be used on any widespread level. It is more like a “new toy” that would only be used for the most high-level assassinations, where the means are supposed to be undetectable, even to top insiders. 

The Banker Fraudsters & the Global Banking Scam


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