24 Feb 2014

The British-Israel World Federation and the Dawn of a New World Order ... VAMPYRIC BLOODLINES


Jordan Maxwell

Queen Elizabeth is a decendant 
of Hebrew Egyptian lineage

Royal Vampiric Bloodlines

UK police had broken a massive paedophile ring but we have all heard of such activity before both here in the UK (Operation Ore and the US Operation Avalanche but does it net the big fish?

Historically the answer is no because some of those named in high places have continued on in their positions and more importantly carried on with their evil sexual deviation.We could start by looking back when Tony Blair was the PM here in the UK. It was a very scandalous period with criminal investigations under the “Honours-for-cash” scandal and the war in Iraq scandal etc’

The Queen’s inititiation into The Druids


 There are distinct similarities between secret masonic societies, witch covens and druids – in short, they are all attempting the same thing; that is, the summoning of spiritual entities through the use of rituals within a Magick Circle – and in most cases the advanced POSSESSION of a member, so that questions and answers can be transcribed from the physical to the spirit world and vice versa.

QUEEN ELIZABETH (then a young princess) being initiated into the Bards of the
Ancient Order of Druids, 1946.

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