13 May 2014

Dr. Judy Wood – The Amazing 9/11 Facts … directed energy weapons


Dr Judy Wood has 3 difficult degrees and 35 years experience ,she deserves to be heard . If your willing to listen to the same 911 story for over a decade ,you should be willing to hear all new evidence backed up by a 500 page book that has never been challenged or redacted . That alone should tell you she is the real deal and is a true patriot who is demonized but never discussed by 9/11 community , but i can assure you those days are limited .

From its inception and especially from the third or fourth year, the 9 11 truth movement became a controlled opposition and was deeply penetrated by Co Intel Pro. Her book has more evidence about 9 11 than anything ever written or probably ever will be. She does not speculate, she does not theorise, she presents the evidence of what we actually see there and they will not face that evidence and that proves that they are Co Intel Pro, they a part of a controlled opposition.

The 9 11 truth movement which is controlled opposition has claimed that the official story is wrong the buildings did not come down because they were hit by airplanes, the buildings came down in a controlled demolition due to thermite explosives planted in them.

First of all this is not true. The best authority in the world is the evidence of your own experience and the evidence of your own senses. It is not true to say that the official story is wrong because the buildings were actually brought down by controlled demolition because the buildings did not fall down. If the buildings fell down then there would have been 110 stories of rubble and there isn’t. There is at most 15 to 20%. There are maybe 12 stories of rubble.

Where are the other 80 or 90 stories of rubble?

Everybody saw what appeared to be the buildings falling down because of the way that the floors seemed to be removed as the buildings disappeared. Actually what happened is that the buildings disappeared and they disappeared in front of everybody’s eyes. No matter what you think about CGI cloaked missiles, missiles disguised as airplanes hitting the building. No matter what you think about the possibility of some thermite traces in the dust, thermite even if it had brought down the buildings by controlled demolition could not turn steel and concrete into dust.

Judy Wood’s evidence and her case leads to one irrefutable brilliant clear conclusion that the 9 11 event was done by the use of free energy devices that are capable of disintegrating the molecular structure of matter and turning it to dust right in front of your eyes. What was all the dust? Why didn’t the paper burn. She shows that the only thing we know of is free energy. Now I want to come back around to the solution and I want to pick up a point that I made in the first hour, in order for us now as individuals and as a society to realise this fantastic opportunity of Sophia’s correction; we can take the riddle of 9 11.

Why were the children chanting in the classroom when Bush was sitting reading the story of the goat, the book, upside down, saying … ‘kite’, ‘hit’ ‘steel’ ‘plane’ ‘must.’

What the hell is going on there?


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