21 May 2014

THE RESET : Resetting the UK GOVERNMENT : A constitutional re-set community led governance and ethics


Mission statement

A constitutional re-set to re-store fair principles, accountability, community led governance and ethics. Ensuring peoplecare, earthcare and fairshare for the benefit of all.

Governing principles

Our existing constitution is an established set of governing principles that are used to administer the British Isles. These principles are there to protect and entrench fairness, the right of free speech, the right to a fair trial and the right to be governed by consent. Over the last few hundred years, but more so recently, these principles have been eroded. 
The re-set will restore these principles.  


The British Isles are set up as a trust. A trust is run by administrators who work for the good of its beneficiaries. This is the framework of our existing constitution. You are the beneficiaries of the British Isles. Our political system is meant to be run for our benefit, but it is currently dysfunctional, unfair and increasingly irrelevant.
The re-set will restore accountability and due process.

Local community led governance

For hundreds of years in our constitutional history, communities governed themselves and participated in a national decision making process. The re-set will bring back constitutional conventions, across the four nations, at regional and then national level.  We don’t need the government’s permission to convene. It will be like the shareholders of a company getting together to decide on policy and implement it. This has been done many times before. Local representatives will discuss and decide on long running problems that the party political systems have not solved.
The re-set will restore the role of local communities enabling them to govern themselves. 

The re-set ethics

The re-set is a solutionary approach with three ethics at its core:
  • peoplecare
  • earthcare
  • fairshare
These are well established ethics, which are guidelines on how we should behave towards each other and the earth, common to many cultures and beliefs.
The re-set will introduce a new fair way of raising revenue. It will re-store economic and social prosperity for all, and allow our constitutional framework to grow, revitalising all communities.



The re-set

Ray Savage talks about the re-set on "Health Revolution" with Clive de Carle 26th March 2014

Clive de Carle discusses the re-set with Ray Savage. This interview was originally broadcast on "The Health Revolution" and was produced by The UK Column.

The re-set

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