15 May 2014

Video of Nigerian Schoolgirls is a Fake : Obama clique routinely authorizes the slaughter of innocents including little girls

‘What has this purported kidnapping of Nigerian schoolgirls become, the sacred cow of all Zionist hoaxes? In this regard the arch-Zionist cabal is relentless, drawing the fullest forces of all its powers to bear.

Regarding Michelle Obama her hypocrisy precedes her, as demonstrated by this spoof posted on StopWar.org.uk.

Yet, it is more than merely a spoof. It is, in fact, absolute truth. The Obama clique routinely authorizes the slaughter of innocents, including little girls.

Even so, that is even though it is a lie she is vigorously campaigning on behalf of the hoax, utilizing the full powers of social media. So are a number of European leaders. Yet, how shallow, how hollow, it all is and is easily discerned for what it is: a miserable, treacherous scam and hoax.’

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Clinton, Obama and Boko Haram! Unsecured Libyan Weapons Went to Boko! 

Hillary Clinton's actions have shown she, as well as Obama are protecting and supporting Boko Haram!

China struck a deal with Saudi Arabia, Lybia, Russia, Egypt and Nigeria over gas. They are all moving away from the petrodollar. So the staged events over their are a reason to send in ground troops. The end of the petrodollar is near. The Elite will kill millions over the petrodollar.


‘The United States should send in special forces to rescue the hundreds of girls kidnapped by Boko Haram—whether the Nigerian government gives permission or not, according to Sen. John McCain.
“If they knew where they were, I certainly would send in U.S. troops to rescue them, in a New York minute I would, without permission of the host country,” McCain told The Daily Beast on Tuesday. “I wouldn’t be waiting for some kind of permission from some guy named Goodluck Jonathan,” he added, referring to the president of Nigeria.


Of course, it’s not exactly a surprise that McCain holds this view. He’s been a longtime advocate for increased U.S. military activity in crises around the globe—from Syria to Ukraine.’
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#bringbackourgirls Exposed! 

She's Not Nigerian and Not Abducted! 


“People trust us to come into their lives, and they share their stories with us, and when their images are used out of context like this, it’s just the worst,” Vitale told The Washington Post. Indeed, it wasn’t copyright infringement that bothered her the most — though that was definitely a concern — it was misrepresentation.

“THIS IMAGE USED WITHOUT PERMISSION!” she tweeted early Wednesday morning at an Twitter user who apparently first tweeted Vitale’s picure. “SHE IS NOT NIGERIAN AND HAS BEEN MISREPRESENTED TO USE FOR YOUR CAMPAIGN. TAKE DOWN!”

But it was too late. Vitale’s work had already been tweeted by thousands of people, including singer Chris Brown and even the BBC. The misrepresentation is the second time this week that a photograph has been wrongly used in a high-profile news story. Fox News was faulted on Monday for airing images of grieving Sherpas during a segment on the sunken South Korean ferry. Highlighting how far misinformation can go viral, the rampant tweeting of Vitale’s photography raises disturbing questions about the accuracy of social media campaigns and the growing difficulty in discerning fact from fiction.






Boko Haram Front for Globalists Designs on Nigeria : 

military plan in typical fanfare 


One of Africa's largest economies and oil producers, Nigeria is now center stage in a cartoonish terrorist threat and an advertising campaign designed to pull the heartstrings of "humanitarian intervention" liberals. A military plan to intervene will be rolled out in typical fanfare.

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