14 May 2014

THE WORLD OF PSYCHOPATHS : SULTAN OF BRUNEI harems composed mainly of underage girls

His Royal Highness Prince Azim of Brunei (centre) is reportedly bisexual.

The Sultan of Brunei is like Hitler.

Hitler shagged boys but put homosexuals into concentration camps.

The Sultan and his brother Jefri "are infamous for their sex parties and their harems composed mainly of underage girls."

Sultan Haji Hassanal Bolkiah and his home in Las Vegas.

The Sultan of Brunei has introduced Sharia law, which means that people can be stoned to death, if they hold sex parties involving young girls.


In 2008, Brunei's Prince Azim (above) was sent to attend the nine-month officer training course at the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst. He left after one week

Reza Aslan, a religious scholar, says that "the Sultan is in violation of every single rule of Sharia law you could possibly imagine.”

Inside the sex-obsessed world of Brunei


Statue depicting Jefri.

Reportedly the Sultan's family own:

1. Four life-size statues depicting Jefri having sex with a fiancee.

2. A global network of employees to procure women

Inside the sex-obsessed world of Brunei


The Sultan (young)

In 1997, Shannon Marketic, a former Miss USA, sued Jefri and the sultan.

Shannon said she was held as a sex slave by the Sultan's family.


Prince Azim

Jillian Lauren spent time in the Sultan's harem.

She said that nights were spent drinking expensive alcohol in the Sultan's disco.


The Sultan, is useful to the US elite.

The Sultan is using Sharia to keep the feudal system in power.

"Sharia has become a political tool."

The Real Story Behind Brunei's Sharia Laws Isn't the One That Gay ...

Lindsay Lohan's mystery London sugar daddy.


The Sultan and family

James Brooke fell in love with with Badruddin, a Sarawak prince.


The Sultan


Prince Azim and Jane Goody
REPORT BY Aangirfan



Sultan of Brunei ( friend of Prince Charles) creates law calling for homosexuals to be stoned to death



  1. "Hitler shagged boys..."

    Bullshit. Cite your sources or this will be considered just more Zionist hoaxery.

    1. Dearest Gary : The Pink Swastika ... Nazi doctors: Hitler was gay, took female hormones ... The Dr's notebooks were auctioned Alexander Historical Auctions of Chesapeake City, Md. http://washingtonexaminer.com/nazi-doctors-hitler-was-gay-took-female-hormones/article/2517746