21 May 2014

I AM and they call me Ken ... Indian Election : The more things change the more they stay the same

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The Indian Election: 

The more things change, the more they stay the same

More "change you can believe in"?...

I read Fulford's new globalist propaganda post this morning, and I took particular note of his mention of the new Indian Prime Minister...

"The other huge event last week was the replacement of the cabal controlled government of India with a government headed by Narendra Modi, a man who is banned from traveling to the US. The end of the cabal aligned Ghandi/Nehru dynastic control of India is going to give a huge boost to the BRICS alliance plans to end Nazi tyranny. So much for the Nazi plan to use India against China."

Knowing that whichever way he spins a story is 180 degrees from the truth, I decided to search Google News for the new Prime Minister's name along with the globalist codeword "technocrat," and I found what I expected. According to this India Times article...

"A Narendra Modi-led government is likely to have the smallest Cabinet in recent years, and a sprinkling of well-known technocrats as junior ministers under Cabinet ministers who will be political heavyweights, according to people familiar with discussions about the likely contours of the next administration."

And I found this at the Sri Lanka Guardian...

"All this could not have happened overnight. It has been a long and winding 'yellow brick road', taking over ten years or more to a new vision of India of the future. We see the need for cleansing of corruption in society, the rout of Western control by the Sonia government, the demise of old party loyalties and the rise of the technocracy. As Indians working in strategic enterprises abroad, return home, bringing back with them their technological knowhow of not only in electioneering, but also combining Hindu thinking, a new vision is awakening."

The Guardian's use of the words "yellow brick road" brought a smile to my face, because it's a term from a fairy tale, and fairy tale is a word which well-characterizes this passage from their article.

So, putting it all together, Modi will...

> staff his government with technocrats, just like other governments (such as Ukraine's) have been during the globalist assimilation process. I've talked about the technocrats in numerous entries and have even offered a real-world definition of what a technocrat is: a professional agent of the Globalist NWO system tasked with implementing structural reforms in non-conforming nations.

> draw his cabinet ministers from the existing pool of power brokers, who are the ones responsible for leading India into the less than idyllic state in which it exists today. In other words, the same "power elite" will still be in charge, but in a different grouping and with a different propaganda line.

> make a show of combating corruption, which is part of the globalist propaganda setup for their new system. If he follows the same template Xi implemented in China, it will be a three-part effort:
1) He will select scapegoats from among the universally corrupt power elite, and they will be the ones who publicly take the fall for all the corruption.
2) He will tell all the others to be more understated in their flaunting of wealth and power, especially in public.
3) He will pressure mainstream media and bloggers into reducing or eliminating their coverage of government corruption. After all, if the public doesn't hear about the corrupt goings-on, it will be as if corruption doesn't exist. Out of sight, out of mind.

The existing government structures in our world can never be reformed to truly serve the people; they can only be supplanted with a genuine form of democracy we must build for ourselves. As I wrote during my comment war over Operation American Spring...

>>>A citizens movement based on a large gathering of strangers will never bring lasting change. If you want real change, organize your street and neighborhood, then network with other self-organized streets and neighborhoods to exert real political power...

Yes, the Egyptian people have protested and bounced between a Brotherhood dictator and a military junta, but have they, the people, gained control of their nation? No, they are still being led by corrupt leaders. My point is a very simple one: turn away from those who want to lead you and lead yourself instead.

It may not be as quick, easy, and exciting as getting out on the street with people you don’t know for a day or two, but getting together weekly with the people who live on your block to start taking back the government from the local level up is how you build true government by the people. If you turn to outside leaders and hierarchical organizations, you will get more of the same you’ve always gotten. The Powers That Be are banking on you “following the leader” like you always have, and that always gives you a dictator, not true sovereignty.

As to how they capture you when you look outside of yourself for leadership, look at the “Leadership Marketing” section of this entry.

...you can't "follow the leader" out of this mess.<<<

I'll write more about true democracy when I get a chance. Preparing for my move is keeping my mind distracted.

Love always....


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