25 Apr 2012


This is HOW USA GOVERNMENT supported by the sheeeeeeple are spreading your wonderful peace and democracy... splintered into a thousand pieces.

Your government is a brainwashing force that gets you thinking the other countries you are attacking are hostile and evil when your intention is just as evil as Hitlers senseless killings because he knew that people will stand up and fight for lies and the world become his playing ground to step on other peoples lives.

Who are the soulless Government and the brain dead sheeeeeple to call other nations corrupt.

Psychopaths just cant stop the killing ........... greed for power and nationalism.

With the arrival of 2012, we are entering some strange and uncertain times.

Obama declared last year that he would like to "bypass congress" and make his own laws.

The NDAA act has killed the bill of rights.

The military now offers the job of "internment specialist"--a job meant for staffing internment camps.

The dollar is on the road to collapse.

The America you knew and grew up in is gone and will soon be replaced.

What exactly is going to happen in 2012, this year?

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