24 Apr 2012

JORDAN MAXWELL ... Occult Symbols Borg Mentality ET's Saturn Mystery

Jordan Maxwell continues as a preeminent Scholar and Lecturer 

in the fields of Secret Societies, Occult Philosophies and UFO-ology since 1959.

His work is not only fascinating to explore, but too important to ignore.



Jordan's Background, Other World Experiences, Sun Symbolism, Hebrews & Yahweh, Nazi Swastika, Ancient Sun God, Babylon, Anglo-Saxon, War of Secret Societies, 2 Different Governments, Different Kinds of Citizenship, Citizen of Republic in Philadelphia-Capital, Private Owned Company - Corporation out of Washington DC, THE, Theater-God Show, Roman World, Religion, Jesus Story, New Testament Metaphor, War Between Light and Darkness-Story of New Testament, How Words Work, Sport Distractions, People Don't Want the Truth, Holders of the Light, Downfall of the U.S., Trinity Religions, Demonic Forces, WWI, 6 Million Jews Killed Link, Georgia Guide-stones, 500 Million, Occult Numerology, Christian Religion & Egypt, Inch Measurement, Stone Hedge, Earth was 500 Million from North to South Pole - Egypt, Downfall of U.S., World Losing Their Minds, Not Fitting In, Mars, Aliens Here, Zacharia Sitchin Tours, Norman Bergrun, Saturn Inhabited, Rings Artificial, Lord of the Rings, Sin, Moon God, The Moon Towed Here, Total Eclipse, Richard Hoagland, Saturn Satellite Rings, Word Understanding

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