23 Apr 2012

The Great British Lawful Rebellion Has Begun ... Magna Carta and Sovereign Independent

Vatic Note: Well the Magna Carta was the beginning, ending in the American Revolution and so its fitting that this time around it should begin in Britain where the worst offenders and the most sneaky of them reside. Good on to the British people for taking a stand and leading the way since its the British Government and its Zionist controllers that are yanking everyone elses chain, globally, including America, through their infiltrating agents and RELATIVES that they finance and put in place. Time we all got rid of them. It appears it takes several times to get rid of the British Rothschild monarchy. Lets hope this time it will be permanent.

No matter what DO NOT COOPERATE WITH ANY ILLEGALLY PASSED AND ENFORCED LAWS that violate our constitution and BOR's and same for the British, using the Magna Carta as their guide. We have appended at the end of this blog, the translated text of this very famous document under which the British obtained freedom from monarchy tyranny. No more fascism. I truly believe their inability to pull this off is a result of the centuries of inbreeding that has ruined any chance of their brains surviving the damage done by such action. They are simply no longer equipped to deal with anything that requires true productive work, creative ideas, flexibility, spontenaity, and a soul. They firmly lack a soul. Sad to say. Eugenics won't fix it either.

The Great British Lawful Rebellion Has Begun! - Sovereign Independent
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by De Jure Law Resource Center, 4 days ago, (note: MP = Minister of Parliament)

Monk's chronicle, History of the World to 1283 written in part by Bury St Edmunds Monk John Eversdene. This mentions the Magna Carta.

4 days ago: The Great British Lawful Rebellion Has Begun! When tyranny becomes law, lawful rebellion becomes duty! By invoking Article 61 of Magna Carta.

When tyranny becomes law, lawful rebellion becomes duty! By invoking Article 61 of Magna Carta 1215, we will lawfully restore our country’s sovereignty and the supreme precedence of Common Law.

I see you stand like greyhounds in the slips, Straining upon the start. The game’s afoot!~ Shakespeare’s Henry V

Rise like Lions after slumber In unvanquishable numbers – Shake your chains to earth like dew Which in sleep had fallen on you – Ye are many – they are few! ~ Percy Bysshe Shelley

There is one thing stronger than all the armies in the world and that is an idea whose time has come! ~Victor Hugo


As many people reading this already know, there is a humorous Chinese curse which simply says “May you live in interesting times!” Well, 2011 is already turning out to be a very interesting year indeed … a year that is going to change Great Britain’s destiny and direction forever … a year which will set alight a chain of events and actions that will globally expose and cast off the evil corporate yoke that has been cunningly and unlawfully imposed upon all of the free peoples of the world by that criminal and secretive global elite that is commonly known as The New World Order.

As the world begins to wake up to the real truth, a cry from the people is starting to be heard in an ever increasing volume …WE WILL NOT BE THEIR SLAVES! What is seen now by the repressive authorities as merely smoldering embers of open rebellion by a tiny minority will very soon flare up to become a raging inferno for truth and justice as ordinary decent people demand an end to this global criminality and complete insanity.

To this end, Lawful Rebellion in Great Britain has now finally begun (as poor old Judge Peake in Birkenhead discovered to his surprise and embarrassment when he was suddenly confronted in his court by over 500 law abiding citizens demanding his arrest for treason) and nothing, absolutely nothing, can stop its momentum from building. Ordinary decent and peace loving people have finally had enough and are now waking up in ever increasing numbers to the unlawful harm that is actually being done to them and their families.

A grassroots movement of non-compliance on a scale never before imagined is organizing itself to lawfully expose and bring down this appalling system of global corporate control and enslavement … including the lawful shutting down of the debt creating financial nerve centre of the world, the so-called Square Mile that makes up the ‘City of London’ – what many analysts believe is the beating heart of this global conspiracy beast.

The bloodline criminal banking family, the House of Rothschild, the power base and ‘brains’ behind this so-called New World Order (which of course includes the proposed European Union Superstate) have simply created for themselves a House of Cards which, because of their arrogance and over-confidence, is now ready to collapse.

It is certainly true that they have planned for many years now a global financial collapse designed to hasten in a ‘one world’ global currency and banking system completely controlled by them, but many researchers believe that they may have partially lost control and what is about to happen is, in fact, an incredible opportunity for the ordinary and decent people of the world to strike back with a mortal blow and so expose and defeat forever the New World Order and the Rothschilds’ psychopathic plans for the human race. In other words, the ‘Endgame’ is almost upon us … and we must take the initiative!

We, the British people who are waking up to their appalling criminality, number in our tens of millions … supporters of this criminal global elite here in the UK number, at best, a few tens of thousands, and many of them are simply the unwitting ‘useful idiots’ needed to maintain this unlawful corporate matrix of fear and control.

And talking of ‘useful idiots’, the traitors, criminals, cowards and pedophiles who largely make up our political and judiciary elite, and who are now actively and deliberately distressing our country’s sovereignty and defenses, will very soon indeed be facing lawful arrest and the full consequences of Common Law jurisdiction and natural justice.

And to all those intellectual pygmies of academia who have prostituted themselves to this global corporate greed and criminal deception; to all those highly paid media gatekeepers who wish to prevent the real truth from ever coming out in the mainstream media; and to all those know-all skeptics and cynics out there who refuse to see this New World Order ‘elephant in the room’ because of their own arrogance, stupidity and self-serving greed, the message is now very clear and very simple …

join us and finally do something at last which is both meaningful and worthwhile or have your public credibility brushed aside forever along with your lucrative careers and contracts.

No more evidence is now needed. We know that British politics has been a lie now for some considerable time – whether Left or Right, Coalition or otherwise, the same criminal mindset has been dictating the direction and policies.

We know that our ancient and historic rights and freedoms enshrined by Magna Carta 1215 are well and truly under attack by organized criminality. We know that when our birth is registered, a ‘legal fiction’ or ‘strawman’ is secretly created by the government in order to control us within this hidden and unlawful ‘corporate system’.

We know that when we register our vehicle with the DVLA, the ‘ownership’ of that vehicle is taken off us and we become merely the ‘keeper’. We know that tax funded public institutions and offices, such as police constabularies and government departments, are listed as corporations by credit information agencies like Dun and Bradstreet.

We know that Statute Rules passed by Parliament are practiced unlawfully as ‘Laws’ by the corporate enforcement agencies. We know that police and magistrates are breaching their oaths of office in enforcing regulations that are repugnant to Common Law. We know that European-style Civil Law Administrative Courts are increasingly and unlawfully taking the place of Common Law Courts with juries.

We know that judges and magistrates sitting in these Administrative Courts are unlawfully refusing to confirm whether or not they are there serving under their oath of office to uphold the Laws and Customs of our land (Common Law). And we also know that the Law Society itself is blatantly unlawful under Common Law – it is nothing more than a corporate entity designed to generate huge amounts of money at the expense of the weak and vulnerable … or put another way, Common Law justice, that is affordable to all without fear or favor, is an alien concept to most of today’s corrupt and greedy corporate driven lawyers.

And the Judiciary too have huge questions to answer about their unlawful activities and criminal support for the treason being practiced by today’s political elite. In short, there is an unlawful and treasonous attempt being made to turn our country away from the tried and tested historic principles of Common Law (innocent until proved guilty, where all people are treated equally and fairly by their peers (jury) without fear or favor) towards the continental system of Civil Law or Roman Law (guilty until proved innocent, where politically appointed judges without juries decide your fate). By creating Statutes, which are Legal Rules and not, repeat not, Laws, our corrupt and treasonous politicians continue to favor the wealthy and powerful whilst pursuing in an unfettered way the globalist agenda of their criminal New World Order masters in breaking down our country’s sovereignty and defenses in preparation for the inevitable European Union Superstate takeover. An appalling web of corporate control and deceit has been spun around the planet and the centre of this invasive and unlawful web resides here in Britain, in the City of London.

From now on, it must be the sworn duty of all law abiding and decent people to expose and collapse this evil mindset and control mechanism forever. And the only law to be allowed here in Britain is Common Law which applies equally to everyone without fear or favor – attempts to impose any other type of law, such as Civil or Roman Law or even Sharia Law, will not be tolerated or allowed.


Mayer Amschel Rothschild famously said in the late eighteenth century, “Permit me to issue and control the money of a nation, and I care not who makes its laws”. The House of Rothschild has created a global financial empire based around creating money completely out of thin air and then charging exorbitant rates of interest on it. This unlawful deception on a truly staggering scale, using their global network of central and private banks (including the Bank of England through its Bank of England Nominees Ltd), has resulted in nations being deliberately and criminally engineered into enormous debt. As far as the Rothschilds are concerned, debt equals control – and the heart of their criminal control base is the Square Mile that makes up the City of London.

If you want to see your average ‘useful idiot’ politician or economist squirm, then ask them this simple and direct question ... Why cannot Her Majesty’s Government through the Treasury issue debt free and interest free money based upon the wealth, the common wealth, of this country (worth trillions) … why do we have to go cap in hand to the Rothschild controlled private and international banks who simply create money out of thin air – just numbers created on a computer screen – and who then charge exorbitant rates of interest on this ‘nothingness’, which is currently costing us the taxpayers something like £125,000,000 a day, or around £44,000,000,000 a year just to meet the interest payments?

The truth is we are being scammed! The so-called Deficit, which is being used to distress our armed forces as well as the weak and vulnerable in our society, is unlawful … I repeat, UNLAWFUL! A myriad of taxes, cuts and other austerity measures, not to mention widespread redundancies, have been imposed unlawfully upon the unwitting taxpayers … that is you and I … to tackle this. But, under Common Law, if you are found guilty of practicing your affairs with mischief, then everything you have been doing must be declared null and void. The same applies to this country’s so-called National Debt (fast approaching £1 trillion having doubled in the last six years) and to all our own personal debts such as Mortgages and Personal Loans ... we can walk away from them all lawfully as we have all been given ‘money’ that doesn’t actually exist, that has no audit trail and comes to you as a debt. And before all the LSE ‘educated’ economists become excited and animated and saying that this is all rubbish and that you cannot possibly default lawfully from your ‘debts’, I suggest they read this next part very carefully, very carefully indeed!

What follows below is an excerpt from an editorial in The Times newspaper in 1865 which, even then, was influenced and ultimately controlled by the London-based Rothschilds. The American Civil War, as with nearly all wars in the last two hundred plus years, saw the Rothschilds encouraging and profiteering from funding both sides. President Abraham Lincoln, realizing the appalling criminality being practiced by this banking dynasty, rather than pay the phenomenal levels of interest on this ‘money’ created from ‘nothingness’, took the radical and common sense decision to bypass the Rothschilds and to have the Union’s Useless Treasury print their own interest-free and debt-free money. Called ‘Greenbacks’ because of their color, the US Treasury issued around $450,000,000 with which to fund the ultimately successful Union’s war effort. This new system worked so well and was so popular with the people that Lincoln considered making it a permanent arrangement. This would have sounded the death knell for the Rothschild’s well laid plans to ensnare the world unlawfully with massive debt. The panic felt by these criminal bankers over Lincoln’s ‘Greenbacks’ is reflected in this Times editorial:

“If that mischievous financial policy, which had its origin in the North American Republic, should become indurated down to a fixture, then that Government will furnish its own money without cost. It will pay off debts and be without a debt. It will have all the money necessary to carry on its commerce. It will become prosperous beyond precedence in the history of the civilized governments of the world. The brains and the wealth of all countries will go to North America. That government must be destroyed, or it will destroy every monarchy on the globe”. (source: www.webofdebt.com/excerpts/foreword.php)

So spoke the Rothschilds and their fiefdom, the City of London, as they realized what Lincoln’s initiative would mean to their vulnerable House of Cards debt creating power base. The threat of sovereign governments printing interest-free and debt-free paper money had to be removed. On April 14th 1865, a certain John Wilkes Booth shot and killed Abraham Lincoln and with his death ended the debt free ‘greenbacks’. However, almost one hundred years later, another US President paid the price for standing up to the Rothschilds by doing exactly the same again. On June 4th 1963, closely advised and supported by his brother Bobby, President John F Kennedy signed Executive Order 11110 which authorized the US Treasury to bypass the Federal Reserve Bank (a private Central Bank controlled by the Rothschilds and the Rockefellers) and issue $4.29 billion as debt free and interest free money based on the value of silver bullion certificates. Once again the assassin’s bullet conveniently removed the problem for the Rothschilds – both the President and Bobby dying violent deaths. There is some considerable doubt that Executive Order 11110 was ever rescinded and many believe it is still valid today. However, the US Treasury notes were quickly taken out of circulation and since then all the Presidents and their administrations, just like our own Prime Ministers and their governments, have been compliant and obedient to the wishes of the Rothschilds and their criminal network of debt-producing bankers. source:www.restoretherepublic.org/documents/JKF%20And%20The%20Fed.pdf )

When are people going to wake up? Current banking practices are just one big scam which can be resolved and put right by quite simply resorting to the common sense and common decency that makes up Common Law. The City of London must be closed down with usury, the charging of interest on loans along with the creation of money as debt must be outlawed and never again allowed to be practiced in Britain. The benign and responsible government issuance of debt-free and interest-free money, based upon the common wealth of the nation, is the future for Britain’s prosperity, defense, integrity and well-being.

George Osborne, our Bilderberg attending treasonous Chancellor who would appear to take his orders direct from the House of Rothschild, has told us that we all have to make a massive sacrifice to reduce our ever-widening ‘deficit’ (approximately £143 billion and growing) … you know, to pay off the interest from that imaginary money created out of complete ‘nothingness’ by those nice and honest people who work in the Rothschild controlled private banking sector. As part of our sacrifice to the ‘banksters’ we have seen our armed forces slashed and our ability to defend this country put in real jeopardy. We now have no aircraft carriers; no vertical take-off Harriers; no proper maritime reconnaissance aircraft; and two squadrons of Tornados are to go as will 20% of our regular soldiers by 2015. We now have the smallest navy since Henry VIII, possibly as few as a dozen destroyers and frigates if the latest plans are realized! This is complete madness for a maritime and trade dependant nation! But unfortunately the traitors in Parliament see it another way. Great Britain will now have to work in partnership with other European countries if the gaps in our defenses are to be filled … or to put it in a more truthful way, Great Britain’s sovereignty has been breeched and to defend ourselves militarily in the future we have to be an integral part of the European Union’s future combined armed forces … and all because we have to pay off the interest from imaginary money created out of ‘nothingness’. This isn’t just madness, this is TREASON ona scale never before witnessed!

Therefore, to all serving members of our armed forces, we, who belong to this broad and diverse movement that makes up Lawful Rebellion, now urge you to immediately address this treason lawfully and to organize in such a way that openly supports the tenets and over-riding principles of Common Law and the historic and essential requirements of Magna Carta 1215. You have to become the protective shield for those honest and decent men and women who are now starting to take back our country peacefully and lawfully from the traitors, criminals, cowards and pedophiles who currently infest our Parliament. Do you want to be the lackeys of the Rothschilds and the corporate greed that makes up the City of London, fighting unlawful wars at their behest so that they can create even more wealth for themselves, whilst leaving you on the scrap heap once your usefulness to them is over? They are scum and you are our best! Our armed forces must now renew their position as the ultimate lawful champions and guardians of our Sovereignty, Common Law, Magna Carta, the Bill of Rights and everything that is decent and honest about our still wonderful country.

We also call upon all serving police men and women to stand up and help us to lawfully restore the supreme precedence of Common Law over corporate revenue raising Statute Rules being passed by our treasonous and corrupt politicians in order to wear down the population into accepting an Orwellian police style state – a state where those in unchallenged authority always know what’s ‘best’ for the people. We urge you to research the current ‘corporate’ status of the police service – why are police constabularies and the Association of Chief Police Officers (ACPO) listed by Dun and Bradstreet as Corporations? Strange things are also being discovered – for instance, it looks as though the Devon and Cornwall Police are owned by the computer giant IBM! How can this be? What’s going on? We ask you to ask the right questions and to openly confront those Chief Constables and senior police officers who have embraced the provable Fabian Society/Frankfurt School hidden agenda of deliberately and treasonously distressing our country from within in order to facilitate the loss of yet more sovereignty to the emerging European Union Superstate. Ask about the real and provable hidden agenda of the so-called training charity Common Purpose and how Common Purpose Graduates are being fast tracked to senior positions of authority – the highly controversial Assistant Commissioner Cressida Dick of the Met being an obvious example. As with the politicians and the judiciary, any officer who is accused of betraying the honor and integrity of the police service must expect the full weight of Common Law justice. Honest and decent law-abiding people demand an honest and decent law-abiding police service ... a police service that is there to make our country safe from criminality and treason. We know that many of you good and honest police officers out there in the field know that something is deeply wrong but are keeping your heads down to protect your pensions. We just hope that courage will ultimately prevail and that you will now do the ‘decent thing’ to save our country from what is coming and will openly help us flush out the provable treason and criminality that now pervades the corridors of power …not to mention what now follows below!


And talking of criminality, we now come to the most distressing reason why Lawful Rebellion in Britain has to succeed quickly and effectively. Over the last two years two separate but connected aspects of appalling child abuse have come to light leaving researchers stunned and absolutely appalled. The first concerns compelling evidence, not only of the existence of organized pedophile rings around the country made up of trusted members within local communities, but that these pedophile rings are operating with the connivance of, and protection from, very senior politicians and rogue members of the police, judiciary and the legal system. The second involves children being taken away from loving families by rogue social workers on the flimsiest of excuses after using the appalling and secretive Family Courts where Common Law jurisdiction is not allowed. The motive would appear to be financial gain due to the very large sums of money involved in the adoption process today but research is starting to show that vulnerable children are being identified, groomed and handed over to practicing pedophiles by these rogue elements within the police, judiciary and the legal system as well as social services. This evil has to be exposed and stopped immediately using the full force of Common Law.

Lawful Rebellion will do everything it takes within Common Law to immediately achieve this objective, especially as reliable information and intelligence is coming in which now indicates that a significant minority of politicians are actually practicing pedophiles themselves. If this is found to be true, then it will make the MPs expenses row look like the proverbial teddy bear’s picnic. One of the key ongoing cases is the Hollie Greig affair (www.holliedemandjustice.org) which is set to explode later this year and which will blow apart the foundations of the Scottish Parliament and will have very severe repercussions for the Palace of Westminster.


So there we have it! Our children are being harmed and abused in the most appalling ways possible by people in positions of trust; our country’s defenses are being deliberately run down by traitors to pave the way for Europe to ‘defend’ us; our nation’s ancient sovereignty and constitutional traditions are being distressed without any sort of democratic accountability; our country’s social infrastructure is being downgraded to tackle the completely unlawful and imaginary ‘deficit’; and our people are increasingly becoming debt slaves as the whole country is being placed into corporate slavery by an unlawful deception plan that our political elite and rogue elements within the judiciary are both fully complicit with. And we haven’t even touched on the two global scams of Man-made Global Warming and the so-called War on Terror; nor indeed the sinister attacks on our health by the global elite with their Malthusian plans for massive population reduction along with the worrying corporate ‘scientific’ takeover of our worldwide food production. By stealth and criminality on a truly staggering scale, the Rothschilds, along with the secretive and unaccountable cohorts that make up this so-called ‘New World Order’, have effectively taken over our country as they have done with most of the other countries in the world … the global governance sought by them on their terms is now very close at hand and has got to be stopped. As Marcus Tullius Cicero said, “A nation can survive its fools and even the ambitious but it cannot survive treason from within.”

The grim truth is, we only have one last chance to put things right and whatever we do must be done lawfully and, wherever possible, peacefully. Lawful Rebellion is not a political party, we are a guiding movement for truth and justice completely within the law, Common Law, and as such this will make us attractive to all the decent and law-abiding people of this wonderful country of ours, regardless of so-called social status, creed or color. We are a movement which will make people happy and debt free, guarded by Common Law and common sense. We have already arrested a judge, albeit briefly, who was committing treason … no politician, judge or decision maker who has knowingly betrayed his or her country will now be safe from arrest. We will not stop until our sovereignty and ability to defend ourselves have been effectively restored. We can withdraw immediately and lawfully from the European Union and not be tied down by any of its so-called ’laws’. We do not need a referendum to achieve this … the entry into the then EEC was achieved by provable deception and treason by Edward Heath and his Conservative government (www.acasefortreason.org.uk).

Under Common Law any actions taken using treason and criminality have got to be declared null and void. The key members of the House of Rothschild and their extensive network of traitors, criminals and pedophiles will be arrested and brought to justice whilst the City of London will be taken over and closed down – the heart of the beast will stop beating as the obscene debt generating money markets of the world collapse once disclosure of their true criminality and intentions become clear to all. As justice, decency and real integrity pervades business and politics around the globe, no longer will we witness on our TV screens the famines and extreme poverty that affect so much of the world.

For those fearful that this enormous transition will lead initially to extreme anarchy and violence, be assured that the full apparatus and panoply of Common Law will be in place to prevent any such break down of law and peace. If people cause harm, or loss, or commit a breech of the peace, or conduct their affairs with mischief, they can expect to be treated fairly but firmly by their peers and in a way that should deter others in the future. Concerning business and finance, new debt-free and interest-free banking initiatives will be started such as www.lawfulbank.com. Political parties, which were only created to divide and rule and to represent self serving interests, will be abolished and outlawed. Future Members of Parliament will be elected as individuals based on their strength of character, honesty, humility and wisdom along with the service that they have already given either to their country or to their community. Future debates in Parliament will be real debates and, with no whipping system allowed, the votes taken will be fair and honest reflecting the integrity of the Common Law approach to good government. There is obviously a huge amount to be done to create a country that is really free from debt, fear and unhappiness, and there are bound to be areas where a real debate has yet to take place, such as the controversy surrounding the House of Windsor and the part it played in allowing our present predicament, but a start has been made ... a real start that is going to have huge repercussions very soon for the criminals and traitors skulking in the shadows of Westminster and the City of London ... we know where you are and we are now coming for you lawfully to bring you to justice under Common Law!

And one final point here … our treasonous Prime Minister, David Cameron, wants to measure our national happiness. Well, it’s zilch at the moment, and well he knows that. However, when the Great British Lawful Rebellion succeeds – and succeed it most certainly will – we will all be very happy indeed, especially as he and his cronies in parliament will have experienced at first hand just how powerful and effective Common Law really is. The only trouble is, having thrown away the keys, none of us I suspect will have any appetite whatsoever to go back and look for them!


Intelligence and insider tip-offs would suggest that the sudden collapse (whether planned or otherwise) of the debt-laden global economy could begin as early as September or October of this year – it is vital that we organize quickly and effectively to get this appalling truth out to the British people about the provable and massive fraud and treason being practiced by the House of Rothschild and their minions, not to mention the appalling child abuse which is taking place right under our noses by people in positions of trust and authority. We’ve got our work cut out and we must all move fast!

We all know of the famous Kitchener recruiting poster of World War One – well this time our country really does need us. Each and every individual reading this article must now think very carefully about what sort of future our children are going to have because people couldn’t be bothered to lift a finger, preferring instead to continue concerning themselves about their favorite football teams, the latest celebrity gossip or the next big happening on Corrie. We know that there has been a deliberate strategy in recent decades to dumb the ‘ordinary’ people down and to get them distracted by ‘bread and circuses’ trivia and their own personal debt problems. However, there are still more than enough of us to stop this madness and criminality from achieving its final goal. Indeed, evidence is coming to light that suggests very strongly that we have many hidden friends in the police, the judiciary and the military who are now finally waking up and realizing just what is being done to our country’s sovereignty, economy and people. With the right strategy and guidance, our numbers are set to explode to the point we can, with determination and courage, put an end to this evil and criminality. So how should we proceed quickly and effectively with the Great British Lawful Rebellion?


First, let’s look at the recent and ongoing performances of our elected representatives who are supposed to be the guardians of our constitution and democracy. Since the concept of Lawful Rebellion was first mooted in the UK, the MPs who make up this current parliament (and the one before) have been consistently written to by concerned law-abiding constituents demanding action to restore Britain’s unlawful loss of sovereignty; to immediately withdraw from the European Union which we were treasonously hoodwinked into joining; and to curtail the unlawful excesses of the debt-creating private banking sector. The MPs have also been sent compelling evidence of the existence of the New World Order and their agenda for global governance, not to mention facts and scientific evidence which clearly show that the two global scares of the War on Terror and Man-made Global Warming are both blatantly untrue.

Readers of the UK Column will remember my detailed and open letter to my own MP, Tim Farron, who represents the Westmorland and Lonsdale constituency and who is currently the President of the Liberal Democrats and thus an important player in the Coalition (www.ukcolumn.org/articles/open-letter-tim-farron). In that letter he was given ‘the big picture’. He assured me personally and in front of witnesses that if we gave him the evidence he would do something about it. After more than seven months he has done absolutely nothing despite having been given more than enough evidence to get started. When a group of us met with him over three months ago, he also promised to have a meeting with the Hollie Greig campaign team who have evidence of an establishment-led cover-up of pedophile activities at the highest level … that meeting is still to take place (in fact, there has been no meeting with any MP from any political party concerning Hollie that I’m aware of despite numerous requests emailed or sent out to MPs, though two individual MPs have recently written letters of support for Hollie). Nearly five years ago, after seeing the 9/11 Truth Campaign’s visual footage and scientific evidence which clearly exposes the outright lies and falsehoods that came out of Washington DC, Tim quietly said to me outside his office that he now had a problem agreeing with the official narrative of 9/11. What has he done about this revelation in those five years since? Nothing, absolutely nothing! How many of our troops have been killed or badly maimed in those five years in Iraq and Afghanistan fighting the bogus War on Terror? Hundreds going into thousands (not to mention the hundreds of thousands of innocent Iraqis and Afghans)! Words now completely fail me about the lack of courage and integrity this man has who has embedded himself so successfully in the constituency where I live by being a ‘good’ and ‘hands on’ MP for his constituents.

Next door, in the neighboring safe Conservative constituency of Penrith and Borders, the MP there, Rory Stewart was parachuted into the constituency by the Cameron camp and is clearly destined for greater things as he was invited to join this year’s highly secretive and elitist Bilderberg Group meeting at St Moritz in Switzerland (one of only two British MPs to attend this year’s annual bash of the global great and good, the other being the Rothschild stooge, George Osborne, the Chancellor). Upon his return, he was asked directly by a constituent of his about what took place there. He refused to say, and continues to refuse, saying only that he was there in a ‘private capacity’. I wrote politely to him asking for a meeting and, because I am not a constituent of his, he wrote back saying that he is currently too busy to meet with me for the foreseeable future. This is simply an affront to democracy and to the people who elected him. He should be damn well ashamed of himself … but something tells me he won’t be as rapid promotion beckons! He has obviously been chosen for some task – I hope his constituents will now be on their guard!

People who know me well will say that I have always counseled at meetings that there must be some good MPs who are just waiting to join our ranks when the time is right. Reluctantly, I’m now compelled to say that I was wrong and have reached the sobering conclusion that if these two ‘hardworking’ and ‘popular’ MPs are anything to go by, we are dealing with a chamber made up almost entirely of traitors, criminals, cowards and, unbelievably, protectors of pedophiles! So what can be done realistically to expose this to the ordinary and decent people of Britain who would be absolutely appalled if they knew just how rotten the political process had become?


First and foremost, we must organize, and organize quickly and effectively. Each and every one of you reading this must now find three or four friends living nearby who share the aspirations of Lawful Rebellion and who want to start working together as a tight and effective little group. A quick trip to the pub, golf club or even the local WI should have the recruitment problem sorted if current murmurings and moans at social gatherings are to be believed! Please don’t fall into the trap of having a hierarchical structure for your group (like political parties do so that they can be ultimately controlled). Keep yourselves as a small informal group of friends having fun and having a good laugh as you get the very serious message across to your local community about what is really happening. If you are not laughing, you’re not doing the job properly because the other side hates it if you do. They’ve set up a system that is supposed to have you cowed and in fear and the last thing they want is for you to be laughing and making fun of them. So please bear this in mind at all times – you will win people over much more successfully by using humor.

What follows now are some ideas for your group to consider taking part in. Firstly, please read and print off some copies of this detailed Lawful Rebellion document found here:



As a group, take a copy and personally give it to your local MP at one of his or her regular surgeries along with a brief verbal summary highlighting the main issues. Ask him or her ‘that question’ highlighted earlier in Part One concerning the issuance by government of debt-free and interest-free money and record their pathetic attempts to give an answer. Make sure that when you do go, one of you takes a video camera to record what happens. Afterwards, take copies of the footage to the news editors of your local newspaper and radio station, explaining to them the extraordinary seriousness of the situation and show how the MP reacted to your reasonably put concerns. If the MP’s responses are really shocking or entertaining, get it up on You Tube

As part of the educational side to Lawful Rebellion, arrange for your group to visit your local police station and ask to see a serving officer (sergeant or above) and thereby hopefully start to build a rapport with those police men and women who know that things are not right. The good coppers are your natural allies.

It’s important that the unlawful Administrative Courts and Magistrates Courts are made to realize that they are operating in breach of Common Law. Go down as a group to your local courts and enter into friendly dialogue with the court officials there, many of whom are just decent people doing what they are told to do as a paid job to pay the bills and are oblivious to what is really going on. Creating dissent and worry amongst the staff will help undermine this unlawful system of corporate control. There may be a Statute Case that one of you is affected by and as a group would like to contest using Lawful Rebellion and Common Law jurisdiction. Whatever you do, be friendly and humorous – it unnerves the other side. If you display anger and aggression, they will surely win.

Obviously large actions like the lawful arrest of Judge Peake earlier this year will continue to happen and information will be put out in good time for your group to have a chance to take part. The main thing is keep battling away at the people who are prominent in your community and who are starting to wake up to the real truth. Also, don’t be afraid of going to visit wealthy business people and show how a generous donation would be used to get this vital information out effectively to the people. A business plan to this effect is currently being put together.

On a daily basis, always remember to visit these sites regularly to keep your group up to date with what’s going on:


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Magna Carta Translation

[Preamble] Edward by the grace of God King of England, lord of Ireland and duke of Aquitaine sends greetings to all to whom the present letters come. We have inspected the great charter of the lord Henry, late King of England, our father, concerning the liberties of England in these words:

Henry by the grace of God King of England, lord of Ireland, duke of Normandy and Aquitaine and count of Anjou sends greetings to his archbishops, bishops, abbots, priors, earls, barons, sheriffs, reeves, ministers and all his bailiffs and faithful men inspecting the present charter. Know that we, at the prompting of God and for the health of our soul and the souls of our ancestors and successors, for the glory of holy Church and the improvement of our realm, freely and out of our good will have given and granted to the archbishops, bishops, abbots, priors, earls, barons and all of our realm these liberties written below to hold in our realm of England in perpetuity.

[1] In the first place we grant to God and confirm by this our present charter for ourselves and our heirs in perpetuity that the English Church is to be free and to have all its rights fully and its liberties entirely. We furthermore grant and give to all the freemen of our realm for ourselves and our heirs in perpetuity the liberties written below to have and to hold to them and their heirs from us and our heirs in perpetuity.

[2] If any of our earls or barons, or anyone else holding from us in chief by military service should die, and should his heir be of full age and owe relief, the heir is to have his inheritance for the ancient relief, namely the heir or heirs of an earl for a whole county £100, the heir or heirs of a baron for a whole barony 100 marks, the heir or heirs of a knight for a whole knight’s fee 100 shillings at most, and he who owes less will give less, according to the ancient custom of (knights’) fees.

[3] If, however, the heir of such a person is under age, his lord is not to have custody of him and his land until he has taken homage from the heir, and after such an heir has been in custody, when he comes of age, namely at twenty-one years old, he is to have his inheritance without relief and without fine, saving that if, whilst under age, he is made a knight, his land will nonetheless remain in the custody of his lords until the aforesaid term.

[4] The keeper of the land of such an heir who is under age is only to take reasonable receipts from the heir’s land and reasonable customs and reasonable services, and this without destruction or waste of men or things. And if we assign custody of any such land to a sheriff or to anyone else who should answer to us for the issues, and such a person should commit destruction or waste, we will take recompense from him and the land will be assigned to two law-worthy and discreet men of that fee who will answer to us or to the person to whom we assign such land for the land’s issues. And if we give or sell to anyone custody of any such land and that person commits destruction or waste, he is to lose custody and the land is to be assigned to two law-worthy and discreet men of that fee who similarly will answer to us as is aforesaid.

[5] The keeper, for as long as he has the custody of the land of such (an heir), is to maintain the houses, parks, fishponds, ponds, mills and other things pertaining to that land from the issues of the same land, and he will restore to the heir, when the heir comes to full age, all his land stocked with ploughs and all other things in at least the same condition as when he received it. All these things are to be observed in the custodies of archbishoprics, bishoprics, abbeys, priories, churches and vacant offices which pertain to us, save that such custodies ought not to be sold.

[6] Heirs are to be married without disparagement.

[7] A widow, after the death of her husband, is immediately and without any difficulty to have her marriage portion and her inheritance, nor is she to pay anything for her dower or her marriage portion or for her inheritance which her husband and she held on the day of her husband’s death, and she shall remain in the chief dwelling place of her husband for forty days after her husband’s death, within which time dower will be assigned her if it has not already been assigned, unless that house is a castle, and if it is a castle which she leaves, then a suitable house will immediately be provided for her in which she may properly dwell until her dower is assigned to her in accordance with what is aforesaid, and in the meantime she is to have her reasonable necessities (estoverium) from the common property. As dower she will be assigned the third part of all the lands of her husband which were his during his lifetime, save when she was dowered with less at the church door. No widow shall be distrained to marry for so long as she wishes to live without a husband, provided that she gives surety that she will not marry without our assent if she holds of us, or without the assent of her lord, if she holds of another.

[8] Neither we nor our bailiffs will seize any land or rent for any debt, as long as the existing chattels of the debtor suffice for the payment of the debt and as long as the debtor is ready to pay the debt, nor will the debtor’s guarantors be distrained for so long as the principal debtor is able to pay the debt; and should the principal debtor default in his payment of the debt, not having the means to repay it, or should he refuse to pay it despite being able to do so, the guarantors will answer for the debt and, if they wish, they are to have the lands and rents of the debtor until they are repaid the debt that previously they paid on behalf of the debtor, unless the principal debtor can show that he is quit in respect to these guarantors.

[9] The city of London is to have all its ancient liberties and customs. Moreover we wish and grant that all other cities and boroughs and vills and the barons of the Cinque Ports and all ports are to have all their liberties and free customs.

[10] No-one is to be distrained to do more service for a knight’s fee or for any other free tenement than is due from it.

[11] Common pleas are not to follow our court but are to be held in a certain fixed place.

[12] Recognisances of novel disseisin and of mort d’ancestor are not to be taken save in their particular counties and in the following way. We or, should we be outside the realm, our chief justiciar, will send our justices once a year to each county, so that, together with the knights of the counties, that may take the aforesaid assizes in the counties; and those assizes which cannot be completed in that visitation of the county by our aforesaid justices assigned to take the said assizes are to be completed elsewhere by the justices in their visitation; and those which cannot be completed by them on account of the difficulty of various articles (of law) are to be referred to our justices of the Bench and completed there.

[13] Assizes of darrein presentment are always to be taken before our justices of the Bench and are to be completed there.

[14] A freeman is not to be amerced for a small offence save in accordance with the manner of the offence, and for a major offence according to its magnitude, saving his sufficiency (salvo contenemento suo), and a merchant likewise, saving his merchandise, and any villain other than one of our own is to be amerced in the same way, saving his necessity (salvo waynagio) should he fall into our mercy, and none of the aforesaid amercements is to be imposed save by the oath of honest and law-worthy men of the neighbourhood. Earls and barons are not to be amerced save by their peers and only in accordance with the manner of their offence.

[15] No town or free man is to be distrained to make bridges or bank works save for those that ought to do so of old and by right.

[16] No bank works of any sort are to be kept up save for those that were in defense in the time of King H(enry II) our grandfather and in the same places and on the same terms as was customary in his time.

[17] No sheriff, constable, coroner or any other of our bailiffs is to hold pleas of our crown.

[18] If anyone holding a lay fee from us should die, and our sheriff or bailiff shows our letters patent containing our summons for a debt that the dead man owed us, our sheriff or bailiff is permitted to attach and enroll all the goods and chattels of the dead man found in lay fee, to the value of the said debt, by view of law-worthy men, so that nothing is to be removed thence until the debt that remains is paid to us, and the remainder is to be released to the executors to discharge the will of the dead man, and if nothing is owed to us from such a person, all the chattels are to pass to the (use of) the dead man, saving to the dead man’s wife and children their reasonable portion.

[19] No constable or his bailiff is to take corn or other chattels from anyone who not themselves of a vill where a castle is built, unless the constable or his bailiff immediately offers money in payment of obtains a respite by the wish of the seller. If the person whose corn or chattels are taken is of such a vill, then the constable or his bailiff is to pay the purchase price within forty days.

[20] No constable is to distrain any knight to give money for castle guard if the knight is willing to do such guard in person or by proxy of any other honest man, should the knight be prevented from doing so by just cause. And if we take or send such a knight into the army, he is to be quit of (castle) guard in accordance with the length of time the we have him in the army for the fee for which he has done service in the army.

[21] No sheriff or bailiff of ours or of anyone else is to take anyone’s horses or carts to make carriage, unless he renders the payment customarily due, namely for a two-horse cart ten pence per day, and for a three-horse cart fourteen pence per day. No demesne cart belonging to any churchman or knight or any other lady (sic) is to be taken by our bailiffs, nor will we or our bailiffs or anyone else take someone else’s timber for a castle or any other of our business save by the will of he to whom the timber belongs.

[22] We shall not hold the lands of those convicted of felony save for a year and a day, whereafter such land is to be restored to the lords of the fees.

[23] All fish weirs (kidelli) on the Thames and the Medway and throughout England are to be entirely dismantled, save on the sea coast.

[24] The writ called ‘praecipe’ is not to be issued to anyone in respect to any free tenement in such a way that a free man might lose his court.

[25] There is to be a single measure for wine throughout our realm, and a single measure for ale, and a single measure for Corn, that is to say the London quarter, and a single breadth for dyed cloth, russets, and haberjects, that is to say two yards within the lists. And it shall be the same for weights as for measures.

[26] Henceforth there is to be nothing given for a writ of inquest from the person seeking an inquest of life or member, but such a writ is to be given freely and is not to be denied.

[27] If any persons hold from us at fee farm or in socage or burgage, and hold land from another by knight service, we are not, by virtue of such a fee farm or socage or burgage, to have custody of the heir or their land which pertains to another’s fee, nor are we to have custody of such a fee farm or socage or burgage unless this fee farm owes knight service. We are not to have the custody of an heir or of any land which is held from another by knight service on the pretext of some small serjeanty held from us by service of rendering us knives or arrows or suchlike things.

[28] No bailiff is henceforth to put any man on his open law or on oath simply by virtue of his spoken word, without reliable witnesses being produced for the same.

[29] No freeman is to be taken or imprisoned or disseised of his free tenement or of his liberties or free customs, or outlawed or exiled or in any way ruined, nor will we go against such a man or send against him save by lawful judgement of his peers or by the law of the land. To no-one will we sell or deny of delay right or justice.

[30] All merchants, unless they have been previously and publicly forbidden, are to have safe and secure conduct in leaving and coming to England and in staying and going through England both by land and by water to buy and to sell, without any evil exactions, according to the ancient and right customs, save in time of war, and if they should be from a land at war against us and be found in our land at the beginning of the war, they are to be attached without damage to their bodies or goods until it is established by us or our chief justiciar in what way the merchants of our land are treated who at such a time are found in the land that is at war with us, and if our merchants are safe there, the other merchants are to be safe in our land.

[31] If anyone dies holding of any escheat such as the honour of Wallingford, Boulogne, Nottingham, Lancaster or of other escheats which are in our hands and which are baronies, his heir is not to give any other relief or render any other service to us that would not have been rendered to the baron if the barony were still held by a baron, and we shall hold such things in the same way as the baron held them, nor, on account of such a barony or escheat, are we to have the escheat or custody of any of our men unless the man who held the barony or the escheat held elsewhere from us in chief.

[32] No free man is henceforth to give or sell any more of his land to anyone, unless the residue of his land is sufficient to render due service to the lord of the fee as pertains to that fee.

[33] All patrons of abbeys which have charters of the kings of England over advowson or ancient tenure or possession are to have the custody of such abbeys when they fall vacant just as they ought to have and as is declared above.

[34] No-one is to be taken or imprisoned on the appeal of woman for the death of anyone save for the death of that woman’s husband.

[35] No county court is to be held save from month to month, and where the greater term used to be held, so will it be in future, nor will any sheriff or his bailiff make his tourn through the hundred save for twice a year and only in the place that is due and customary, namely once after Easter and again after Michaelmas, and the view of frankpledge is to be taken at the Michaelmas term without exception, in such a way that every man is to have his liberties which he had or used to have in the time of King H(enry II) my grandfather or which he has acquired since. The view of frankpledge is to be taken so that our peace be held and so that the tithing is to be held entire as it used to be, and so that the sheriff does not seek exceptions but remains content with that which the sheriff used to have in taking the view in the time of King H(enry) our grandfather.

[36] Nor is it permitted to anyone to give his land to a religious house in such a way that he receives it back from such a house to hold, nor is it permitted to any religious house to accept the land of anyone in such way that the land is restored to the person from whom it was received to hold. If anyone henceforth gives his land in such a way to any religious house and is convicted of the same, the gift is to be entirely quashed and such land is to revert to the lord of that fee.

[37] Scutage furthermore is to be taken as it used to be in the time of King H(enry) our grandfather, and all liberties and free customs shall be preserved to archbishops, bishops, abbots, priors, Templars, Hospitallers, earls, barons and all others, both ecclesiastical and secular persons, just as they formerly had.

All these aforesaid customs and liberties which we have granted to be held in our realm in so far as pertains to us are to be observed by all of our realm, both clergy and laity, in so far as pertains to them in respect to their own men. For this gift and grant of these liberties and of others contained in our charter over the liberties of the forest, the archbishops, bishops, abbots, priors, earls, barons, knights, fee holders and all of our realm have given us a fifteenth part of all their movable goods. Moreover we grant to them for us and our heirs that neither we nor our heirs will seek anything by which the liberties contained in this charter might be infringed or damaged, and should anything be obtained from anyone against this it is to count for nothing and to be held as nothing. With these witnesses: the lord S(tephen) archbishop of Canterbury, E(ustace) bishop of London, J(ocelin) bishop of Bath, P(eter) bishop of Winchester, H(ugh) bishop of Lincoln, R(ichard) bishop of Salisbury, W. bishop of Rochester, W(illiam) bishop of Worcester, J(ohn) bishop of Ely, H(ugh) bishop of Hereford, R(anulf) bishop of Chichester, W(illiam) bishop of Exeter, the abbot of (Bury) St Edmunds, the abbot of St Albans, the abbot of Battle, the abbot of St Augustine’s Canterbury, the abbot of Evesham, the abbot of Westminster, the abbot of Peterborough, the abbot of Reading, the abbot of Abingdon, the abbot of Malmesbury, the abbot of Winchcombe, the abbot of Hyde (Winchester), the abbot of Chertsey, the abbot of Sherborne, the abbot of Cerne, the abbot of Abbotsbury, the abbot of Milton (Abbas), the abbot of Selby, the abbot of Cirencester, H(ubert) de Burgh the justiciar, H. earl of Chester and Lincoln, W(illiam) earl of Salisbury, W(illiam) earl Warenne, G. de Clare earl of Gloucester and Hertford, W(illiam) de Ferrers earl of Derby, W(illiam) de Mandeville earl of Essex, H(ugh) Bigod earl of Norfolk, W(illiam) earl Aumale, H(umphrey) earl of Hereford, J(ohn) constable of Chester, R(obert) de Ros, R(obert) fitz Walter, R(obert) de Vieuxpont, W(illiam) Brewer, R(ichard) de Montfiquet, P(eter) fitz Herbert, W(illiam) de Aubigné, G. Gresley, F. de Braose, J(ohn) of Monmouth, J(ohn) fitz Alan, H(ugh) de Mortemer, W(illiam) de Beauchamp, W(illiam) de St John, P(eter) de Maulay, Brian de Lisle, Th(omas) of Moulton, R(ichard) de Argentan, G(eoffrey) de Neville, W(illiam) Mauduit, J(ohn) de Baalon and others. Given at Westminster on the eleventh day of February in the ninth year of our reign.

We, holding these aforesaid gifts and grants to be right and welcome, conceed and confirm them for ourselves and our heirs and by the terms of the present (letters) renew them, wishing and granting for ourselves and our heirs that the aforesaid charter is to be firmly and inviably observed in all and each of its articles in perpetuity, including any articles contained in the same charter which by chance have not to date been observed. In testimony of which we have had made these our letters patent. Witnessed by Edward our son, at Westminster on the twelfth day of October in the twenty-fifth year of our reign. (Chancery warranty by John of) Stowe.

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