25 Apr 2012


Can You Handle the True Power 
of Remote Viewing in Your Hands?

Imagine the power of being able to view anything – regardless of time, regardless of space. Imagine being able to look into the past, present or future for anyone or anything, from anywhere, anytime… using only your mind, a pen and paper.

Well, this is the power the CIA and the U.S. Military had over the Russians during The Cold War. In fact, remote viewing was so powerful, the CIA kept the remote viewing program they developed with the military under tight wraps.

Not surprisingly, the remote viewing program and its Stargate operation was soon shut down and stamped CLASSIFIED. To keep curious cats out of the door, a rumor even leaked out that the Stargate operation was shut down because remote viewing didn’t work.

But this could not be farther from the truth…
Open Your Mind to the Truth

Is Your Mind Closed Up to a Realm of Possibilities ?

Did you know that the greatest cover ups are the ones cleverly wrapped in popular fiction such as that seen in movies and television? And after a while, you start believing that IT IS fiction… because it’s so cleverly wrapped up in other fictitious materials and presented in fictitious worlds.

Well, what if we told you that some key components aren’t fiction? What if we told you that things like bending time and space,predicting the future and finding an unknown blind targettelepathically IS REAL ?

You just have to know how to look in the right places.

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