15 Oct 2013

Dr Bill Weld - Nano Threat - SKYNET AI Nanotech and the Terminator Updated ... PROJECT CAMELOT

UPDATE:  Regardless of the "noise" out there on the net, please be aware that the Secret Government has been putting nano into chemtrails for years and no doubt other things as well such as food, clothing and soils and they can be triggered by electromagnetic weapons or other means.  See the important work of Anthony Sanchez and Camelot interviews regarding the Lockheed Martin whistlleblower concerning the Project Leonid network of Nano Satellites currently self-replicating and artificially intelligent in our skies and in low Earth orbit.

This is a live broadcast of a Project Camelot Roundtable discussion with Anthony Sanchez and Jay Weidner hosted by Kerry Cassidy from Project Camelot. We discuss the evidence for a network of near Earth orbiting satellites that are run by Artificial Intelligence, are nano satellites and have their own defensive capabilities. This discussion details some of the evidence put forward by Anthony Sanchez in a soon to be published book on the subject.

Jay Weidner brings with him his vast knowledge and background in the areas surrounding Crypto Terrestrials and the occult. This is a cutting edge dialog between researchers into the conspiracy facts that comprise the Matrix and seeing into the mysteries behind the facade.

This man and his children are in danger due to possession of classified documents that he (Dr. Weld) is claiming reveal proof of an operation involving the use of Nano implants being distributed throughout the population via food, water, chemtrails etc.  Said to position people to be targeted by flu viruses and other means to kill them.

Here is his blog:  http://billhweld.blogspot.com/

At the moment the documents have not yet been released and his children have developed a sudden rash and illness which has landed them in the hosptial.
In my view, remote viewing the situation, it is likely there is a nerve agent or virus or anthrax type of toxin or even a plant toxin that has been applied to the documents themselves.  I am in email communication with Dr. Weld but do not know any more beyond raising the possibility of the above nerve agent/toxin.  See his blog for more info.

HEALERS OUT THERE WHO FEEL MOVED TO DO SO please surround Dr. Weld and his family with light and work to dispel this threat to the lives of his children.
Thank you.


They have put something in our food and our water supply that *will* be used in the coming months, and you need to be prepared and aware of it.

Classified documents have been given to me by one of my sources, currently serving in a very high position with the Department of Defense.

What he told me, and what I've seen, is terrifying. What I've learned in these documents *will* be activated and used by our government in the coming institution of Martial Law and the economic collapse, and many people *will* die if we don't do something now.


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