31 Oct 2013

UK Prime Minister David Cameron: censorship of "esoteric" websites and web forums

UK Prime Minister David Cameron: Stop the unnecessary censorship of "esoteric" websites and web forums! 

"Esoteric material" and "alternative belief/spirituality" lumped in with pornography and extreme hate. 

What is extremely worrying, and not yet widely known, is that the Prime Minister's internet filters will be about more than just hardcore pornography.

Open Rights Group, which campaigns for digital freedoms, has had the opportunity to speak to some of the Internet Service Providers (ISPs) that will be constructing Cameron's content filters, discovering that a host of other categories will be on the block list, including "esoteric material" and "web forums".

This should ring alarm bells for most of us! How can "esoteric material" and "web forums" be grouped with pornography and extremist sites?

These top-level filters will be most likely be linked to a list of keywords - made by the government, of course - and any websites that have any of these keywords will be blocked/banned.

According to Open Rights Group, this list will be created behind closed doors with NO appeal mechanism.


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