19 Oct 2013

Why is NATO stalking our schoolchildren?


‘Unfortunately though, RFID is set to take over where biometrics left off.

From 2010 to February 2013, West Cheshire College near Liverpool gave all their students tags to wear with ’433MHz compatible’ chips. These tags not only enabled students to use facilities as they were told but, with sensors around the school, let teaching staff and others track students around the campus as moving blobs on a video screen.

In February 2013, on the same day that a national newspaper telephoned West Cheshire’s head teacher to ask about it, Zebra and West Cheshire College pulled the RFID sensors, tags and other equipment out of the college immediately. Reportedly deploying them soon after to track a large herd of cattle.

Zebra’s jumpy response is less extraordinary though when you consider evidence that the tags the children were told to wear were not just trackable by Zebra and West Cheshire College, but also by the military. NATO have a secretive RFID system called ‘In Transit Visibility Network’ with 433MHz sensors all over North America and Western Europe designed to keep an eye on its munitions, tanks and other equipment as they move about.’

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