11 Oct 2013

POW'S Left Behind : Treason Beyond Measure ... PRESTON JAMES

One of the USG’s greatest betrayals and a true blight upon America is the USG’s stubborn refusal to “come clean officially” and tell the truth about leaving thousands of US Soldiers behind in Russia at the end of WW2, in North Korea at the end of the Korean war, and in North Vietnam at the end of the Vietnam war.
The amount of lying, deceit and murder required to keep this BIG LIE and treason secret is astounding and beyond the imagination of most normal Americans.

Highly connected Intel sources have provided the answer which seems incredulous to most.  It goes something like this: “This just happens to be official US policy and once a policy like this is set, it is written in stone. No matter how hard folks try to change it, these people at the top of the Shadow Government will not budge and if you persist you will be stopped, one way or another.”

Now with the various NSA disclosures from Russell Tice, Mark Novitsky, Thomas drake, Edward Snowden and and all the rest (and there are many more as well as new ones on the way), we know that the NSA has been essentially privatized and hijacked by City of London Rothschild operatives.  It is also now known that during the Vietnam war the NSA station covering SE Asia tracked almost all POWs during the Vietnam war by high resolution aerial intel photography and other secret means and had numerous photographs of ground signs made in the dirt by POWS.

Lying and claiming that there are no real POWS left behind from these wars is actual official USG Policy and has been forced on subordinates and rammed in place under threat of lethal sanctions (extra-judicial executive action terminations with extreme prejudice).
“We will never leave a man behind.”   General Douglas MacArthur
“All of our Pows are on their way home.”    Richard Nixon
“There is no evidence POWs were knowingly abandoned.”    Senator John Kerry
“We left some behind.”   James Schlesinger, Secretary of Defense, CIA Director, as testified to at the Senate Select Committee 9-21-92
Yes, it is going to be the complete end of Secrecy and the POW secret is one of the worst, most treasonous ever kept.  For those that want the truth about American POWS from three wars, anyone who is interested in finding out the truth can watch the award winning very revealing video entitled Missing, Presumed dead:  The Search For America’s POWs by Bill Dumas


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