10 Oct 2013

What is a Birth Certificate?

Your birth documentation should be straightforward and transparent, however it soon becomes the most complex and secretive paper trail imaginable. This alone suggests a long history of corruption. The process involves a maze of secret Trusts and various parts of legislation, focused on claiming your Estate.

The modern “Birth Certificate” began as aSettlement Certificate” issued in England in 1837 to officially record the poor (paupers), granting basic rights to benefits in exchange for recognition of their status as owned “property”, lawful slaves, also known as indentured servants and bondsmen. A child’s birthplace was its place of “settlement,” where its bond began. Thus, a “settlement” is equivalent to a voluntary slave plantation. Since 1933, all New Zealanders have been required by statute to have a Birth Certificate, and a tax identification number. Since 1990, under the United Nations and the World Health Organisation (WHO), by the Convention on the Rights of the Child, the birth certificate process has become an international system of “settlement”.

When you are born, a “Record of Live Birth” is created as prima facie evidence of your Life. The New Zealand equivalent is a “Notification of Birth for Registration”. It is your Affidavit of Life, with details that absolutely identify you. It shows your given name as a unique “title”, i.e. John. The autograph of your Mother establishes your Estate (an Estate must come before a Trust). Your Mother and the State are now Trustees in an “expressed” Public Trust, of which you are the Beneficiary. You are the holder in “expectancy” of your Estate, which will descend to you as of right when you attain the “age of majority” (20). This original Trust should serve you well, but …

Soon, your parents are told that you “must” be registered. You are under no lawful obligation to do so, but the State is very insistent, for reasons undisclosed. It seems that under Eclessiastical Law your Estate can only be held in trust by a male. But your Mother has given her maiden name on the first record, and your Father has not autographed to become the holder of your Estate until you come of age. On the birth register, an “Informant” (unknowingly) makes an accusation as to your illegitimate status. [Informer. 'A person who informs or prefers an accusation against another.' Black's Law Dictionary, 2nd Edition]. The Status of Children Act 1969, 2. says that ‘For the purposes of this Act marriage includes a void marriage’. You seem to be a bastard without birthrights. [Bastard. '4. Considered as nullius filius, a bastard has no inheritable blood in him, and therefore no estate can descend to him'. Bouviers Law Dictionary, 1856 Edition]. The State can now legally claim your Estate, making you a “ward of the State” in an “estates for life” Foreign Situs Trust. [Estate. 9.-2. The estates for life created by operation of law are … 4th. Jointure. … The estate for life is somewhat similar to the usufruct of the civil law.' Bouvier's Law Dictionary, 1856 Edition]. This new Estate can involve “Jointure” (joinder), and is similar to “usufruct” (right to derive income from the property of another). 

Your original Estate Title (Record of Live Birth), is used to create a Birth Certificate bond. This shows your unique given name (title) as part of a tradename. Only corporations have a last name. A “legal person” has been created by the State, which is literally a franchise child of the parent corporation. The Birth Certificate bond (original) is a property Title that is used as a Security. It is basically a Warehouse Receipt for the baby, the delivered goods. [Warehouse Receipt.'A warehouse receipt, which is considered a document of title, may be a negotiable instrument used for financing with inventory as security.' Black's Law Dictionary, 7th Edition]. This bond is sold to the World Bank (Bank of International Settlements, created by the Vatican in 1931) as Settlor of the Trust. Your weight in ounces, on the Record of Live Birth, is needed to calculate your market value relative to gold. Your bond becomes a registered Security, which the Treasury uses as Surety for new Treasury securities such as Treasury Bonds, Notes and Bills. 

So you have been MONETISED. The people truly are the “Credit of the Nation”.

Although the State can seize the “legal person”, the baby, as a “ward of the State” if their “investment” is threatened, its greatest value is realized from the “matured” working adult. The perpetrators of this crime know that their fraud depends on your ignorance, and that you could one day discover the truth and invoke your Power of Attorney, which is your undeniable right from the age of 18. Property Law Act 2007, Section 22.(1) ‘Person between 18 and 20 years may do certain things, … (c) accept appointment, or act, as an attorney, 22.(2) … has the same effect as if the person were 20 years old.’ In other words, you can attain the age of majority by declaring your own Power of Attorney.

You have a chance to inherit your “living Estate”, but if they can somehow “kill” you off, legally speaking, they can claim your “deceased Estate”, being your real property (lands), and personal property (life).

This is why the “legal person” is also defined as a “vessel”, in which the State has a security interest, via the bond. When you attain full legal age, you become the Master (Mr/Mrs/Ms) of that “vessel”. The living you has “gone to sea”, and under the Admiralty Maritime jurisdiction, the “Law” of the Sea, if you are missing for seven years, you can be declared legally dead by the court. The same process is applied to ships and mariners when they are lost at sea and “declared dead” after seven years. 

But you will probably commit legal suicide by “voluntarily” forfeiting your Estate. You may start work and register as a taxpayer on a IRD330, or you may enroll on a voting register. Either way, you are transferring your Estate to the State-owned “legal person.”

If you do not register as the “legal person”, you are “lost at sea”. Unfortunately, after seven years, you “died” without a will “Intestate”, so someone must be appointed to manage your Estate/Trust. The Public Trust applies to the Family Court to manage your Estate under the ‘Protection of Personal and Property Rights Act 1988, Section 11. Form PPPR 6 Application for order to administer property’.

Under the first Sovereign Public Trust (national public) agreement set up by your Mother, you are the Beneficiary, while your Mother and the State are your Trustees. The State employees are your Public Servants obligated to work for your benefit and defend your rights, having a Fiduciary responsibility to do so. But under the new Foreign Situs Trust (international private), the government becomes the Beneficiary, and you become the Trustee obligated to work for the Trust. The State has turned the tables on you.

The People are employed by the State as debtors for a private banking system, which is upheld by a private Bar Association Guild. While acting as the Trustee of the Foreign Situs Trust in your corporatised NAME, you will receive endless presentments (bills), which that employee of the State, the “legal person”, aka Strawman, is obliged to pay. 

But the theft of your Estate is based on false presumptions that cannot be proven in fact. The fundamental flaw is that in order for a Birth Certificate to be issued, a man or a woman must first have been born on the land. Plainly, you are not really dead, so you still have birthrights on the land. Under the Cestui Que Vie Act 1666, IV ‘If the supposed dead MAN proves to be alive, then the title is revested.’ You are the only rightful General Executor and Beneficiary of the Foreign Situs Trust that represents your Estate in commerce. Your Estate is your Office. You are the owner of your Estate and therefore the “legal person” is your rightful property, with all rights and entitlements owned by YOU.
Legal Maxim: “He who fails to assert his rights has none”.

What is a Birth Certificate

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  1. Thank you for this. I've been aware of nearly every part of this but have never seen a post quite like this that pieces it all together. I hope you'll continue to follow up on it as new info becomes available.