14 Apr 2014

BBC - BRITISH BUGGERY CLUB : All things pedophile and rotten in the service of Israeli propaganda


The trend in BBC reporting is to ignore events that show Israel in a negative light, while affording coverage to tenuous claims from the Israeli army that it has uncovered Palestinian “terror” plots, has become quite glaring.

On 19 March, a 14-year-old Palestinian child, Yussef Shawamreh, was shot in the back and hip by Israeli soldiers as he foraged for edible wild thistles on his family’s land in the occupied West Bank.
The child bled to death. His two friends, aged 12 and 17, were seized by soldiers dressed in black fatigues and wearing black face masks, and taken to a nearby illegal settlement, in handcuffs and blindfolds. There they were beaten for failing to answer questions in Hebrew, a language neither understands.

By any standards, the cold-blooded killing of a 14-year-old by soldiers, and the subsequent abuse of his young friends, is appalling. The media outcry if the boy had been Israeli and his killers Palestinian can only be guessed at.

As it is, with the dead child being Palestinian, the BBC ignored the story.’

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The reason we keep talking of the plight of the palestinians is because they are being injured, disenfranchised, punished, murdered on a daily basis by a hi-tech state using every strategy in the book (often only faced by youths with hand-held catapults) including the use of WHITE PHOSPHORUS!I (a war crime in itself!) for which they should have been prosecuted many times over but have not because the same regime buys every politician in the west and/or utilizes joint nationalities within the inner workings of those governments to blackmail people and enforce their own agenda and foreign policy, beneficial only to themselves and to the detriment of ALL others! I'm sure that given the chance those persecuted, subjugated and murdered by the israeli state and it's supporters would cry, ENOUGH ALREADY! 

British Report - 

Israel has continued its violations of international law


William Hague

Note that this report doesn't stipulate if any action will be taken against israel?

Mere words am afraid and we have heard them many times before. Why can we not cease immediately the 6 billion aid package to israel and divert that to the Palestinians?
The lies and propaganda which fools no-one anymore are propagated by a maniacal genocidal cabal (as aforementioned) intent on corporate/personal gain at the expense of indigenous populations, even to the extent of training, paying, arming and physically supporting what can only be described as the most base, crude, cruel barbarians in the guise of "rebels".

The israeli backed (blackmailed?) western regimes today have no moral compass, sense of reality, compassion or indeed any interest in the well-being of their own nationals, never mind "those brown foreign people - over there"!
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