14 Apr 2014

BUNDY RANCH is FAR from over ... Western States Rising Against Feds


BUNDY RANCH: Western States Rising Against Feds

Gary Franchi gives a quick update from OathKeeper Founder Stewart Rhodes. The Bundy Ranch Federal Standoff at the Battle of Bunkerville was the spark – the Western States are rising against Federal tyranny.

BUNDY RANCH: Militia Threat Matrix and the Shadow Corps

Gary Franchi and Mike Adams join Robert Scott Bell to analyze the latest intelligence from investigations into the corporations buying up land around the Bundy Ranch and details behind the data harvested by the NSA that has been added to the Patriot Threat Matrix from the Event Profile.

Oath Keeper Founder, Stewart Rhodes: "We Know it's not over"

Founder of Oath Keepers, Stewart Rhodes, is in Bunkerville, Nevada at the Bundy Ranch. He spoke with Stewart late Sunday afternoon and recorded the interview below.

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