11 Apr 2014

Putin Stands Up to the NWO ? [video]



It’s interesting, the opposing feelings about Putin. Personally, I’ve had a very good feeling about ol’ Vlad all along and believe he is truly working to eliminate the dark cabal and set the world free.

I love a politician who calls a spade, a spade and won’t stand down or fold under pressure—particularly to a bully like the US cabal. He also needs to stay alive, however. Not much good to us if he gets suicided, disappeared or assassinated—another Kennedy.

Cobra reiterated in his most recent interview from April 8th that Obama, while he incarnated with the intent to work on the side of the Light, has been so threatened—as well as his family—that he is no longer playing on the Light team.


Can’t say I blame him.

No matter what, the drama will play out in our favour despite the program having deviated from its original form.

The video below is from 2012, so I think Putin had wrapped his head around the true situation already. ~ BP

From Kerry Cassidy’s blog…
30 Mar 2014 12:32
Written by Kerry Cassidy

In this speech… as one source put it: “Putin stands up to the NWO, and explains why their assault on the principle of national sovereignty to take over the world is completely unacceptable”…

The question is, while fighting for national sovereignty is this one man playing his designated role as assigned by the Illuminati… top of the triangle, very well… Or does he passionately believe that the NWO is wrong? While Obama plays the bad guy and Putin plays the good guy do we just move along down the road to a One World Government? The eagle… two wings one head.

Uploaded on 25 Feb 2012

Putin’s speech on 10 February 2007 at 43rd Munich Security Conference.exposes the NWO

If you’d like to learn more about Putin, here’s a documentary shared in the video comments.  ~ BP


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