20 Apr 2014

Common Law Courts – Public Announcement

On April 22, 2013 National Liberty Alliance started its project to reinstate the Law of the Land. National Liberty Alliance’s (www.nationallibertyalliance.com) message is so powerful that within one year NLA is active in all fifty states and has 1,000’s of registered jurists.

We have fully constituted the common law jury process in New York, Florida, Connecticut, Rhode Island, New Jersey, New Hampshire, Arizona, Massachusetts, Maryland, and Maine. NLA is now preparing to facilitating a half a dozen common law countries and anticipates the constituting of the remaining States within the next four months.

On April 24, 2014 at 9:30AM we, the New York Unified (62 counties) Common Law Grand Jury, will be assembled as a tribunal in the Supreme Court, Greene County Courthouse to issue indictments and arrest warrants from within the court house under the auspices of Justice. This is the first step by the People to reinstate the Republic first here in New York and then across America.

What does this mean? 

It means reinstating justice back into our courts; obedient elected and appointed servants and bureaucrats; end of the safe act, agenda 21, and other unconstitutional acts; end of dictatorships from our Governor’s office to the White House; the end of Judges legislating from the bench; the end of legislative tyrants and a return to the law of the land.

Join us on Thursday, April 24, 2014, 9:30 AM at the Supreme Court, Greene County Courthouse, 320 Main Street, Catskill, NY 12414. And then at 1:30PM in Albany (30 min trip) to support Robert Schulz from We the People as he argues before the appellate court to prevent lawyers and politicians from participating as delegates at the New York Constitutional Convention..

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